Message for the Remnant of God – Archie Lan

Message for the Remnant of God

February 3, 2023 7:07 PM
Archie Lan

I was chatting with Holy Spirit and I felt moved to share the following points:

1. Christians don’t hear God much, because they don’t expect God to be talking. They treat prayer like a phone call that you make once in a while instead of turning to face the friend who sticks closer than a brother and the help available at all times. God speaks all the time. He has a reaction to your every thought, and an opinion and guidance on your every action. I can testify to this. And it’s also common sense. Christians should have a heart expectant to receive constant communication, like a soldier keeping a constant ear out for real-time instructions coming through his ear piece during active battle situations. A soldier pays attention because he has faith that he will receive instructions. If you don’t do this, Satan has too many gaps he can utilize to distract you from the things you HAVE to do. Not the things you THINK you have to do, or think you have the leeway to indulge in.

2. Pay attention to the peace of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who discerns. Sometimes the Spirit shares understanding, sometimes just a warning. Too many Christians assume that something innocuous is okay. I was just listening to John Ramirez preaching and he said “don’t talk with the devil, you will never win that conversation. Jesus can sit down with the devil and smack him around, but that’s Jesus, not you.” It’s the same idea. People just assume that they can discern what is good and what is not. Like they used to do in the world, deciding what’s safe and what’s permissible.

There was a short video I saw of a toddler running with a delighted squeal towards a real bear because she was accustomed to teddy bears. It’s the same thing, in the world people grow up accustomed to sins dressed up as teddy bears. So there are a lot of blind spots when it comes to discernment, you just automatically think it’s okay without keeping an eye on the peace of the Spirit in their hearts. If the constant communications are like battle instructions, then the peace is like the battery level of your communications device. Without keeping an eye on the peace, the world can pollute your soul and ALL communications from the Spirit becomes distorted, misunderstood, or incomplete. I’ve seen this happen so often it has ceased being funny and become horrifying. If you keep guard over the peace of the Spirit with all diligence, you will build a rapport with God where you think in harmony because you’ve kept the wellspring of your heart pure.

3. It is the Holy Spirit who raises the life of Yeshua to life and to full maturity within you. That’s why Resurrection power pertains to sanctification. Without the above two points, how is Holy Spirit supposed to effectively direct the battle for your soul?

Finally, the Lord Yeshua reaffirms his love for all the saints, but adds that these are perilous times, and to whoever overcomes he will personally place the crown of life upon their heads.


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