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Message for Satanists and Witches – JFKree Freedom

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Message for Satanists and Witches

September 6, 2022 6:32 AM
JFKree Freedom

Note: My husband doesn’t believe my 4-yr-old daughter Marcy had a heavenly experience (again, see my YouTube channel for that if interested, search under Jfkree Freedom), quoting the verse “No one has seen God,” popping up multiple times in the New Testament. I was quite discouraged and asked God about it.

Dialogue (in July 2022) between Marcy and me about her seeing the throne room, not included in the YouTube video:
Marcy: God was a little bit scary.
Me: You mean when He was sitting down?
Marcy: Yeah, it was really white. Ich habe nur ein bisschen angeschaut, nur ein bisschen. (German for „I only looked for a little bit, only a little bit.”)

Rhema from September 5, 2022

My dear, calm down. Your thoughts are all over the place this morning and I AM doesn’t like/enjoy working with chaos, but I like you My dear, so we will keep speaking with one another. Yes, that verse is a doozy, throwing off pharisaical Christians and real, true Christians alike. What do you think, My dear? Did Marcy really go with Messiah to the throne room? But I tell you and testify to you again, yes. Do you have faith in Me, soldier? Then onwards and upwards. Yes, it’s a terrible translation of what My Son was saying and the general meaning has been distorted by righteous wannabe wimps who are whiningly jealous THEY never have gotten to see the throne room for themselves. You do well, My dear, not to desire such trinkets as those experiences are.

It is a great feeling (prideful wanting to creep in) to have had such an experience and boast about it, but you see My Son did NOT boast although He had access to Heaven for thousands of years with the Great I AM THAT I AM BEFORE those jokers were even conceived. And yet, He kept His comments on Heaven to a bare minimum, oder? And spoke more on Hell for His compassion for the masses (and the Satanists with their masses) was and IS great, My little dove, as is Mine as a Father. Stop squirming in your chair when you hit a difficult passage in My Word, saints, but rather come to Me in humility and frankness as Jfkree Freedom has done and ask me einfach,

“What’s up Dad with this or that verse? I don’t get it. Give me wisdom to understand Your great mysterious Being / intentions with that word,” and I AM will guide y’all into all truth My loves, My doves, My future sons and daughters, yes witches included today in this message. You know who you are, My darkly dressed enemies of the state. “How can we be enemies of the state?” you ask. I AM the state, and it’s MY government that will crush Satan’s, and therefore you are an enemy of the state, a traitor. Better turn your pants around so they’re not on backwards like your heart and head. Time for a tune-up, a whipping, and a lashing from the Almighty’s tongue and then righteous hand. This is one of the initial warnings from I AM’s brain so to speak (no, I don’t have an actual brain for the youngsters interested to know) to you, dear witches. I love you as well despite your dark doings and plans to sabotage this website and all true saints with the rhema words, dreams, et cetera featured on here. Leave McKana and more saints alone in the spiritual and physical realm. There will be Hell to pay if you do not stop, and no you will not be a queen down in that stench-filled place, but rather find a place in the Lake of Fire with all My other wayward children, for they were made by Me, the Great I AM, and were never meant to belong to Satan’s realm. It is ugly, disgusting, hot beyond all get-out down there.

You think this summer was unbearable, My people? And what about an eternity with only bad summer heat to look forward to? It WILL be awful, and the awful experiences My people have had going down there to check out the rental before they buy it have been going on for centuries. Check out Dante’s Inferno if you don’t believe Me. Do you think all that info on Hell came only from his creative mind? But no, I tell you the truth, saints who had seen the awful torture chambers came back from Sheol and reported to others what they saw and experienced. Some of My true sons and daughters were tempted to go insane afterwards, not knowing I AM gave them those visions as a warning to all mankind. Now those same experiences are being validated by drug-takers, hippies, and the like, but the true church is loath to accept such “stories” as fact.
Calm down, My loves, and get off the pedestal. Who are you to claim what I AM IS or IS NOT allowed to do to get people’s attention and keep them from spending eternity in Hell? Why shouldn’t they hear of the horrors and be strongly warned to stay away from the dark side of human nature, inviting demons into their calloused souls? And who are you to say I cannot invite from time to time hurting or innocent souls to My throne room to witness the wonder, magic even, of the experience of waves, forces of love hitting their wounded, aching souls? It gives them hope for tomorrow when they can’t even handle today, as I AM knows even you feel at times, My love. The wait for release is almost over. Stand firm ‘til the end…there will be a great reward waiting for y’all on the other side of the great chasm called death and destruction. Death leads to life, a concept I planted / placed in this meant-to-be-beautiful world if you care to look around and take notice of. Even your worms, My dear, as disgusting as they are, are part of this cycle. They can cause death to living systems, such as your gut and ovary even, but they also help eradicate dead organisms when they fall to the ground at I AM’s discretion / allowance.
Worms in eternity for all evil-doers, the deep longing for satisfaction and peace never fulfilled. It is an emotional worm that eats and gnaws at the evil-doers for all time, plus hatred for My true saints in the faith. Release that hatred…

(The Lord speaking to Satanists) I won’t be telling Julie of all your sexual escapades although I AM knows about all the misadventures and oops and aahs, bumps on the road in your upbringing. I am sorry, My son, for all that’s happened to you in past times and even now in present, the pressure to perform sexually in front of others. I never meant for anyone’s sexuality / members to be on display like that, and it is to their shame to glory in it, and I see your heart and that you do not relish it anymore as you did in times past. Yes, Julie has had a dream of the physical experience of an orgy and woke up knowing something was missing, that peace / satisfaction only I AM can give. Lay all the filth down, again, demonic stand down for now, and turn to Me in faith. Honor My charges to you, or you WILL have to pay one way or another. (Again, no, she’s not making it up in her head, again, she’s not this clever, sorry again My cute little sparrow, you are clever enough in your own way but not in dealing with Satan’s far-gone ones)…
I love you all, witches and Satanists and their broods included,
Messiah Jesus and Father
Holy Spirit conduit


Oder – German for “or”, an ending to a sentence similar to “right?” in English
Einfach – Easy, easily in German
Loath – reluctant
Doozy – something outstanding or unique of its kind
Conduit – a channel for conveying water or other fluid

Bible Verses:

Behold, God is mighty, and does not despise any; he is mighty in strength of understanding. -Job 36:5

not that anyone has seen the Father except he who is from God; he has seen the Father. -John 6:46
not that anyone has seen the Father except the One who is from God; only He has seen the Father. -John 6:46

And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell, where ‘their worm never dies, and the fire is never quenched.’ -Mark 9:47-48

Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.” -John 8:58

For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. -Romans 5:10


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