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Message & Dream From God The Father – Only A Grain Of Sand

A Message From God The Father & A Dream

1. Message: Be Careful My Children
2. Dream: World Wide Insanity

May 30, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand


1. Message: Be Careful My Children

Ecclesiastes Chapter 10 Verse 8 (partial)
“He that diggeth a pit, shall fall into it…”

The evil one will now lay many more traps for you My Children, trying to destroy you or getting you to denounce, or judge your neighbor. Be Careful! Do Not Fall for his machinations. He will make you think you are righteous, when you lash out, at your Brothers & Sisters, or even that you are doing the work of God Himself, when you condemn others with your looks, actions, words, gestures, thoughts or feelings.

Guard yourself well My Children. Do not fall for the snake kings traps, for they are very subtle. He wants to destroy you by increments, on a road to perdition. I AM asks you to be more vigilant. Rebuke the temptations, thrown in your path. Claim the Precious & Holy Blood Of My only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Be watchful, for you must answer for all, to your God.

Be Simple, Be Humble, Be Childlike, Be Loving, Be at Peace. For I AM must reward all that is done by you, My Children, against Love.

God The Father Almighty


2. Dream: World Wide Insanity

It starts I am in a second floor apt. with a Muslim woman and her two children, looking out the living room window, down onto an urban street. Location or country I have no idea. She has a head scarf on, but you can see her face, and she is very beautiful. Her two children are a boy and girl, both under ten years of age. There are two vehicles down on the street, one is an open jeep with armed men in it. The other is a flat bed truck with twenty odd people, sitting in row seating, like I have seen in Third World countries where the temperature is always warm.

Some some reason the woman has to go down to the street to get something, there was no communication telling her to descend. She takes her two children down to the two vehicles and the armed men lusting after her, grab her and abduct her, leaving the two children on the street in a state of panic. The jeep sped away to the left. I received that she would be repeatedly raped and later murdered. The two children were grabbed by men in the open flat bed truck and it also speeds away to the left. Significantly both vehicles, had been originally facing left. The two children would now become slaves, sold and abused physically and sexually. The scene closes.

I got that this insanity will be world wide. The left is satans favorite, all occult adepts choose the left hand over the right, which is God’s place. The Muslim world will experience the same insanity, and although many of them will accept the mark of the beast system, they are God’s Children and He wants to save all His Children. Eventually those that do not take the mark will come into the faith, but they will first be the instrument of God’s Justice on a fallen post-Christian Western World. I also received that this was an incident that will happen in the future, it was reality.

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