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message: a great tsunami and repentance – Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth Marie

June 12, 2018

message: a great tsunami and repentance

In the first week of June 2018, I received a message from the LORD while praying. It was another word about flooding and a great tsunamis coming. Lately, this seems to be a reoccurring theme that the LORD is showing me.

Though this message is severe, I feel in my spirit that it is being delayed for a season. In my opinion, this is so HIS people, who heed the warnings, will get themselves positioned and in places where they need to be.

I believe that the LORD has a plan for each one of HIS children, and it will be revealed to them as they seek HIM, with all their hearts. They need to continue to seek the desire of the FATHER for their lives. We know that the GOOD SHEPHERD will lead HIS sheep to safe pastures. This means that we must listen attentively to HIS voice as HE calls.

One thing that the LORD has laid on my heart is that not everyone needs to relocate or flee. Only those whom HE calls. This is not to create fear, but a reassurance that HE will take care of HIS own.


While praying, in my mind’s eye, I saw JESUS and myself on the edge of the ocean. It seemed to be a stormy day with dark, black, storm clouds all around. I then heard these words while standing there:

“For this is where it will all start (referring to the ocean). The waves will be crashing in, and it will seem just like another day. In the distance comes a tsunami wave, bigger than ever before. It will sweep across the land with tremendous speed and destruction. Nothing will survive in its path. This will be on the north and west coasts. ( I did not hear ‘east coast’ and I don’t know why).

Those in harm’s way must move away from the coasts. I send MY warnings now. Many are blowing the trumpet for those who will hear. This time is coming ….. PREPARE!”

(I then asked the LORD, “If we pray, will it be minimized?”)

The message then continued:

“This is a judgment, and yes, prayer always minimizes judgments— prayers of repentance and confession of sins. This is what happened in Jonah’s day. The whole country repented.

Will all of American repent? Will they turn from their selfish ways and turn to ME? I tell you, no, only a handful will do this! The rest will continue to wallow in the mud. Soon they will be no more! Pray for their salvation, that at their last gasp for breath, they will cry out to ME! Like the thief on the cross, I will hear and forgive their sins.

Go now and tell them of this judgment that is coming soon. Make a call of repentance. Sound the alarm as I warn MY people. Will they listen?


(I was then led to Psalms 73)

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