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Men In Black – SVik


Men In Black

February 16, 2022 7:05 PM

In 1999 or possibly 2000, I had a dream that I thought was so unreal and so bizarre, that I never forgot it. It made very little sense to me. I couldn’t imagine why I’d dreamt it at all.

This is what I dreamt:

I was in my first floor apartment in NYC in a primarily Hasidic Jewish neighborhood. I was in my bedroom and I went to look out the window. I moved the curtain to the left and saw that it was sunny, the sky was clear and the rows of private homes looked regular and normal, like any other day. All aspects of what I saw were normal looking.

Then I noticed something on the rooftops of the houses. There were men wearing black, from head to toe. It was tactical gear. I believe that half their faces were covered. No indication of their facial features. I watched them carefully as they were squatting, looking down and across the street. They all held black machine guns in their hands. I saw one, then another, then another. All posted at equal distances at the edges of the rooftops. I was shocked. I was terribly confused by what I was seeing.

I began thinking ” What is going on?” I then peered out the window (or leaned forward to the glass) and looked to my left, towards the main avenue. This was a one way street. I then saw a woman (60-65 yrs of age) she had white short curly/wavy hair, she spoke out. She looked Irish or of European decent. She was saying loudly “Oh, but I give money to the poor!” She had both hands raised. She was walking slow. She was under the control of whoever these men were. It felt like she was a hostage. I continued watching and saw that a large, black tank was rolling behind her and the end of the cannon/nozzle was about 1 foot from her back, very close.

When I saw this I ran into the living room. My brother was there. He had no idea of what was occurring outside the window. I told him what I saw…I felt panicked. Then I said, “Did you finish building the trap door?!” I turned around and a few feet away was a trap door in the wooden floor. My brother said, “I didn’t finish it.” I was very upset at him. I told him, “We need it to escape underground”, “Why didn’t you finish it?!” His answer was unclear. I think he said, ” I forgot”.

I turned around and visually scanned the apartment. I looked towards the back windows, there was a courtyard. I mentally reviewed where it led (I knew there was a way out) – I saw the concrete stairs that led down to a pathway- this led into other yards. Wild bushes and high weeds also lined the upper path. Knowing this fact, I began thinking of an escape route. Then I AWOKE.

Thank you and may this speak to you as the Lord sees fit.


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