Destruction, Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Massive Black Cube In Sky, Chaos & Great Destruction All Around – Margaret Blake

My name is Margaret Blake. I received the remembrance of this dream from
the Lord the week of April 12th, 2019.

The following is the account of this dream which I posted to my Facebook page April 16th. The understanding of the dream followed shortly after.

THIS POST IS ABOUT A DREAM I HAD ROUGHLY 20 YEARS AGO. At the time I did not understand the dream, nor was I walking closely with the Lord to even think to ask Him about it. But this past week the Lord has brought the dream back to my conscious mind and I have remembered it in detail. I know now that it is an END TIME dream for this time. Take heed.


There was chaos and great destruction all around. Everywhere I looked I could see ruin and buildings in various states of collapse; streets and roadways were in upheaval and people were running around screaming and crying. Powerlines sagged as their poles had been tilted or completely fallen.

I looked up to the skies and saw a massive black cube approaching with what appeared to be thousands of arched windows on all sides. As I watched I could see a great inferno of orange-red flames within the cube which flared out through the open windows.

Then suddenly black figures began dropping out of the windows down onto the earth. These figures were human in shape, but with no visible or distinguishable features, hair or clothing – just coal eerie black. Their size seemed to be that of an average adult and their numbers were uncountable.

I remember taking shelter in a place where it seemed to me I would be safe. Then the dream ended.


I have received in my spirit that this dream is referring to the 3 Days of Darkness that will take place after a cosmic event and subsequent earthquakes and other devastating occurrences. The power lines down signifies disruption in power/communication. The black cube represents the darkness that comes upon the earth and the black figures are the demons that will be released upon the earth at that time. Hell is depicted as the
fiery orange-red flames. My finding a safe place is because I knew about the prophecy of the 3 days of darkness and knew what to do to be safe.

(Hosea 4:6 God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” [understanding] The people running around screaming and crying did not know about this prophecy, nor what to do. God gives us a window of time from the onset of the cosmic event and the disasters that ensue on earth to when the darkness arrives so we can get to our homes or somewhere safe. Because technological communication will not be possible it is imperative that we alert as many people to this prophecy and what to do when they witness or become aware of the cosmic event/disasters so they can respond appropriately. Hopefully many will take the prophecy seriously; and most hopefully many will receive Jesus as their Lord. My understanding is that these events will take place prior to the rapture.

This dream and interpretation are posted on my Facebook page:

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