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Mascarading as angels of light – Lady Aribeth

Mascarading as angels of light

Nov 12, 2019, 3:33 PM
Lady Aribeth

I recently been reminded of a short vague vision about a group of aliens and people.  Nothing around it, just this group was in view. I found myself standing off a bit in the distance observing them. There were many types of aliens but I remember the nordic ones the most. Tall, beautiful, blond hair, shiny clothes,peaceful but I didn’t trust them somehow. Reminded me of the tv show ‘Earth:final contact’  Mascarading as angels of light comes to mind!  Why would I get this tv series anyways. Gotta be something to it somehow!

“They are the Companions…aliens come to Earth on a mission of peace.
Their true mission…the secrets they hide…forever alter humanity.
In a struggle for our planet… The Battle between these Taelon Companions, and human resistance… Holds the key to earth future, and the fate of mankind… On Earth Final Conflict”

– Season 2 episode 1 introduction

Inline imagetaelons

“In the 21st century, an alien species known as the Taelons came to Earth, with the promise of peace.
“They lied.
“Their true agenda was to dominate us.
“After years of struggle, the Taelons have perished, leaving more aggressive beings in their wake: the Atavus.
“My name is Renee Palmer. My mission is to stop this new species from dominating our planet.
“This is Earth’s Final Conflict.”

– Season 5 introduction, narrated in voice-over by Jayne Heitmeyer


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