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Mark of the Beast Dream – Shane Caldeira


Mark of the Beast Dream

May 22, 2021 3:48 PM
Shane Caldeira


We are truly in dark times as the whole world appears to be compromising and trusting in the Beast System and the false cures of the system, and I pray this message helps anyone who is on the fence to make the right decision.

I remember a dream from early 2020, where I was in line at a grocery store, and everybody was lined up to buy their goods, but the cash register attendant was standing at the front of her station holding a small pill in her hand, and I believe she was telling everyone that they must have this small pill in order to get their stuff. I began yelling to everyone DO NOT GET THE MARK OF THE BEAST and I quickly had to leave the store without my goods.

It was one of the most realistic and intense dreams that I have had. At first when I awoke, I thought it was the RFID chip that was the “pill,” but I now think the Lord Jesus was telling me that the Mark of the Beast would be a false “solution” in other words a “pill” like that of the vaccine that is supposed to “cure” the pandemic. Of course, we know now the vaccine inserts genetic code into your body and interacts with your DNA and would probably cause you to become a hybrid creature of Satan and irredeemable forever, just as the Giants of Genesis 6 were irredeemable according to the Book of 1st Enoch that was quoted in the Book of Jude. I urge you all to not get the vaccine, the RFID chip, the quantum dot tattoo, the hydrogel or anything they are offering as the solution to the Pandemic as it appears the false solutions to the Pandemic is the Mark of the Beast!!! Do not gamble with your soul!! Just say no!!

The vaccine is not mandatory yet, but we see that they will make it mandatory to have globally, I believe soon according to the Good Health Pass initiative and Covid Passport, in order to buy or sell. I believe if you recieve these false solutions now even though it is voluntary and if it truly is the Mark of the Beast, which I think it is, then you will probably lose your eternal salvation and be damned forever as you have trusted in the Beast System and Pharmakeia and not in Jesus Christ the only begotten Son who has all power in Heaven and in earth.

Please take all things to Jesus in prayer for a confirmation and guidance.

I have also composed a video regarding possible nanotechnology within the vaccines that could be causing the magnetic anomalies in the vaccine injection site of those who have recieved the first or second dose and even possibly be tracked and linked in with the global A.I. cloud system. I’ve been greatly censored and silenced so I am now using Rumble as a video platform:


May the Lord Jesus bless and keep you all and I pray He takes His remnant Bride up in the rapture sooner rather than later. I confess that Christ came in the flesh and rose again on the third day and is now seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

Shane Caldeira ,

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