Dream, The Mark

Mark of the Beast Dream – Daniel

The Severed Heads

The Severed Heads
Artist: Théodore Géricault (1791–1824)

Mark of the Beast Dream

May 23, 2021 9:23 PM

This dream was received in 2020. I was sitting in a waiting room with a few other people. One guy said that he runs the Guillotine for people who refuse the Mark. He was talking to another guy about how he handles people who won’t take the Mark. He said, “when I meet them out side of the room I can tell by the look on their faces and how they act whether they will take the Mark or not. The guards take them into a room and force their head into the Guillotine slot. The whole time they’re looking down into a pit full of severed heads. For about 3 hours I scare and terrify them and tell them about how I’m going to chop their heads off and how they’ll never see their families again unless they take the Mark. I tell them how good and easy things will be if they would just take the Mark and worship the Beast. And How they will be able to keep their property, their house, and how they can live in peace with their families if they would just take it.” Then I woke up.

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