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Mark of the Beast Dream – Damien Lawrance

Mark of the beast dream.
May 3, 2019, 9:25 AM
Damien Lawrance

Hi my name is Damien, I had this dream about a week ago, I think the date was 28th April 2019, give or take a day.

I have had many dreams over the last few years, and wasnt sure if the Lord wanted me to share them.
But the other day i had confirmation it is time. Please take this dream to Jesus for confirmation, it was only a short dream, but to the point because i had asked Jesus that night before
bed what was on his mind.

In my dream i was in a long line of people, I cant remember seeing any children at all. I was about 20 to 30 people back from the front, and there was 3 to 4 people wide in the line.
I could see people being beheaded up on the multiperson guilitine, those who didnt take the mark.

I looked to my left, and i could see Jesus in the spirit, crying for all his people who received the mark and was lost to him forever. He was so heartbroken, as if like every single individual was like the only one true love of his life. He loves us all that much, he let me feel only a little of what he felt, it was the most intense and utterly painfully heartbroken feeling. Yet i had the understanding that if i was to bear all He felt i would literally die from the pain.

Yet on the other hand, i saw his great joy when we refused the mark and choose Him, as we were set for beheading Jesus didnt leave us all, on the contrary, our Lord and Savior Jesus
gave us complete piece within, sitting there waiting for the blade, not worried in the slightest as we actually had an excited feeling as we knew it was only a matter of minutes and we would be in our true home with Jesus. We could feel his deep and powerful presence, we were also linked to the joy of Heaven as we could feel the love and joy from all in Heaven waiting to greet us.

I saw the blade coming as the guilitine was one where we sat in 3 people across and several long, with our necks locked so our heads couldnt move, the blade began to move and as soon
as it touched my neck, that very millimeter, i woke up.

As i woke, i had the understanding that as soon as the blade only just touches us, that the Lord takes us from our body, so we dont feel anything. I knew Jesus gave me this dream to warn
his people to be brave and trust in Him, as everything will be ok. But He also wanted to let people know just how much He hurts inside when someone is lost to the Mark of the beast.

Please take this to the Lord for your own confirmation.

May Jesus bless you and keep you.


The following night, i had a dream about the rapture. I have also had dreams about niburu, nuclear war, the antichrist, mega tsumamis, battling demons in dreams and also awake with it visible
2 ft in front of me.

Your brother in Christ



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