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Mark of beast in schools – Daughter of God

Mark of beast in schools

March 27, 2020
Daughter of God

March 25, 2020

I had a vision during the night of a treasure chest and it was moving away from me.

Then I had a dream where children needed the mark of the beast to go to school. But it was like a bracelet or watch type device on their wrist. And after they got it, they were owned by the government. They were monitoring the children with them. They were taking children away from the school, like kidnapping them but it was legal because they owned them. They left my kids alone because I’m homeschooling. But came to my house and were pressuring me to give my children the mark and send them to school.

Then I had visions as I woke up of the children getting the vaccine tattoo.


I think the treasure chest represents our children, the greatest treasure God has given us, and seeing it slip away from me in the vision is symbolic of how our children will slip away from us if we don’t protect them.

I do believe that the children will be raptured before this happens, But maybe this dream is a warning of the enemies plans and what would happen if God didn’t rapture them. This is why God must rapture the children and people shouldn’t get upset about God taking the children. It is a blessing that our children will be spared from this. God has to keep innocent children safe.

The next day after this dream (26 March),

There was a number of reports coming out saying that Trump had signed an executive order to install 5G at all schools in USA. They are installing them all over america while the people are in lockdown. This is confirmation of my dream. This is what they are planning to do with the children and it fits into what I’ve already been shown re the mark/tattoo/vaccine.


Parents take videos of 5G being installed at their schools:

I believe this is real, not just a conspiracy. There are a number of parents checking their local schools and making videos of the workers installing the 5G. This is happening. Please check your local schools and take a video if you can. We need to warn all parents about this.

My advice would be to homeschool your children and set it up now before school starts up again. Just in case we are still here. I do believe the rapture of the firstfruits and the children is imminent. But we cannot know for sure exactly how soon it will happen. And most importantly: Don’t be afraid, God will protect us and our children. I hesitated sharing this dream because I don’t want to spread fear. But I must share to expose the evil plans of the enemy and we can prepare for these things by staying close to Jesus and keeping our faith in Him strong. Also God wants me to share it.


Psalm 127:3-5
3 Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.4 Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. 5 Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.

I just got a huge confirmation, a dear friend sent me this as I was about to post my dream. It confirms the digital bracelet that I saw!:

Original article can be found here

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  1. Catherine

    I heard some people years ago, who told that they saw in dreams, how families were brought to the FEMA Camps and were separated, also the children. I hope the Lord will take them before.

  2. Barbara

    I can’t understand everything the speaker is saying in the video at the bottom of your message. Can you post a transcript of it?

    Thank you!

  3. Aguinel Sá

    Whatever comes, I pray to God to take the innocent before the mark. The only ones who deserve to escape, the rest must be purified by fire.

  4. Trinidadwarrior777

    This dream confirms so much to one I had in 2015 about my youngest daughter after she dissapeared.I didnt know weather she had died or was taken.But the pain of her loss felt as if she had died.I knew I would never be able to watch her grow up. Then I heard as if someone tried to comfort me by saying”You know we have to take the children.You know it is to protect them from what is to come?So they will be spared. After I woke It felt as if all this had just happened.Reading this dream Im concerned that our children might be taken away while in school not by rapture but an evil authority.Its a scary concept that urges me to homeschool.

  5. Leah

    Food for thought:

    Throughout the Bible God judged people based on their “head” kings.
    If David did “good” all was well with Israel. If David did “bad” all of Israel suffered. This is how God dealt with Israel (and other nations), through their kings, “good” or “bad”… blessed or cursed.
    This is how He operates to this very day.
    If Jesus is your “head”, your King, then have no fear….you are blessed.
    If He is not…then your nation’s president, prime minister, etc..
    Is your “head/king”…. Repent.

    With all that said….
    For the past 75 years, nations/governments, that do not follow the rules/laws, that the UN (with the US at the helm) have established, those nations get sanctioned… rich, poor, free..
    They can not buy or sell on the global market.
    The nations that didn’t/haven’t complied, experience economic destruction, famine, civil unrest, war, etc… the “heads” of those nations are then replaced
    (usually with help from their own citizens) with a more “compliment” leader.

    We are already living in a “one world order”.
    IMO..we are now witnessing the final push, into a “one world government”.

    If God’s Word/Law is his mark..
    (“…Those who keep the commandments of God and the faith OF Jesus”)
    Then what is the “mark of the beast”?
    We are already being tracked by the government via our phones (look what Israel is doing right now, because of covid)
    The “mark of the beast” is not a microchip, or vaccine…children can be microchipped and given vaccines against their will.
    And as far as something changing our literal DNA.. the majority of the food, we’ve all been eating for years, pollution, etc… already has. The God I know still saves.
    Our salvation was never based on our blood/DNA, but the blood of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

    Read your Bible…. and ask the Lord to show you, what the “mark of the beast” is.

  6. Rita

    About 6-7 years ago, I had a vision as I was coming out of McDonalds downtown. The vision I seen was that everyone were Zombies. (kinda freaky),
    This lady who’s been in the news for a while, Lori Vallow Daybell who’s two children went missing, say that her children were Zombies. I actually believe this could be true. I read many years ago with the Government saying, your children are not yours, they belong to the Government. I truly believe that the Government is Microchipping children, they say they’ve been Microchipping Seniors in Retirement Homes. Such wicked people.

    As we near the End Times, we are going to see things never imagined.

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