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Manifested spiritual changes in the Vaxed – McKana

Manifested spiritual changes in the Vaxed

April 2, 2022 1:37 PM

April 2, 2022

Romans 6:23(KJV)
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Luke 13:3-5(KJV)
I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

This is a very uncomfortable topic. Even though the degree varies, the one who writes it, those who read it, those who live with it are not in any comfortable positions. What can we say, sometimes we go in to unpleasant territory which is uncomfortable to tell. Hiding or holding back what is revealed to us is disobedience. Telling it is challenging. There is no smooth ride in this but the message is for good. For every action a person takes, good or bad, there is a consequence. The reason why the Lord is sending repeated messages is, once one falls into the abyss, there is no returning back. Once certain mistakes are done, there is as well an earthly consequence to bear.

We have heard a lot of testimonies about the change brought about the jabs, sickness, a change in their spirits, “the making of the zombies.” Eventually, all who went their ways, not the way of the Lord will pay in their flesh and in their souls. The truth is, there is no reason why we should feel guilty of their choice in telling what the Lord reveled for us.
The changes we see, at least for the time, might be spiritual which eventually manifest in the carnal, in sickness and deaths. When events unfold, the manifestation in both will evidently be magnified in the unruly and evil reactions, we were warned. What the Lord reveled to me might not be as frightening as many have seen, but I have seen a change in kind, enough to tell the work is done, the evil work of the enemy.

Repent is for all. I have heard from the Lord that “Until they do, they repent not, they will go to hell.” This is for the Vaxed. Repentance is a must for all. If repentance is a must for the sinners, how a tall order it shall be for the Vaxed is no question.

We have gifts. One of the gifts which is in high demand for this specific time is “Discerning spirits.” This “Uncomfortable” message is in reference to the spiritual changes the Lord have shown me after the “V” is introduced, long before the V” came to the picture and after it is introduced. We have learned from many messages, the “V” will bring carnal and spiritual changes. The change in the carnal are, corruption of their DNA, sickness and many to be revealed through time and deaths. The change in the spiritual is primarily separation from the Lord manifested in “Light out,” darkness allowed/enters, change manifested in the behavior and altered looks of the spirit.

This message by no means is complete. See it to the Lord, seek more clarifications and examine of what is revealed to us in individual basis.

Many I know, family, relatives, friends, most of them believers are Vaxed. This makes it easy to discern the changes from what I already new years earlier. The Lord has been training us, myself as well, to see changes in many, in the realms of the spirits, beyond imagination. Most of the time, in God given visions, I don’t see humans as they are in their carnal nature. I see them as their true nature of their spirits, the good spirits with light and angelic beauty, the other side manifested as reptilians (crocodiles, snakes, frogs), arachnids (house fries), carnivorous beasts (Lions, Tigers, Hyaenas, Wolves. Pigs), etc and the fallen in their real dreadful dark nature, bat-like in grand scale. Surprisingly, one evil “person” who use to have light is revealed, changed as a serpent many, many times, as a chameleon, as a hyaena as dark dark demon in human shape and lately as a dragon. How they change God knows. It looks, the more evil they come to be, their spirit is manifested downgraded to forms of lower hierarchy, as transformed from light to a dragon. Chameleon is deceptive camouflaging according to the environment. Dragon is the devil.

When it comes to the Vaxed, what the Lord revealed to me, in many revelations, is consistent. If it were once, I would have question but it is manifested in a number of revelations to make it clearer what is revealed is a change, a real change in the spirits.
Indeed we see in part but enough to tell the message.

I followed the consistency of what is revealed to me to make a coherent summary. No date is provided.

1. The mannequin at the gate of the cave in the mountain.

It began like this. This is the vision I saw, early in the 2012?, which I didn’t share. In this dream-vision, we are running to hide in to a cave of a mountain built like a home, a shelter, a hiding place. The people in the meddle of the street are rushing, walking to the cave. There are many on the side watching us in a thinly woody surrounding. One of them among the people on the side looks like a mannequin, but human like with all the movements of humans. I saw this much before I saw any mannequin looking humans. A changes spirit. The vision is given in 2012 but it is for the future, hiding from persecution, yet to come.

2. The harvest mannequins.

In this vision, long before the outbreak of the pandemic, I saw the harvest and the laborers (final harvest yet to come). I saw two groups of people. In one group to the right are many in number, singing and clasping and making a rhythmic move with the songs. There are some I know well. The way they look is half humans, half none human. They look like moving mannequins. My spirit was not comfortable and I move out to the field. In the second group, I saw few laborers working on the field of harvest, dressed poorly working hard. Now, I know, those I know from among the many are friends, close friends who were anointed with the light of glory but now who took the jab to have became changed spirit.

3. The Streets of London mannequins.

In a recent testimony I gave, the Lord took me to the middle of the street of London. Leaving the rest of the story aside, almost half of the people I saw by the side of a statue are half human half mannequins, changes. This was in the middle of the pandemic last year in 2020. A significant change in the spirits of people. Evidently from the jabs.

4. The mannequin looking “aliens”

In one of the visions posted in this site, I saw seven or eight “aliens” which look like mannequins, walking towards me on the street at a distance, slowly with frightening demonic moves. Their eyes are the common pictured looks of “aliens” oblong, at an angle and very dark. Real aliens, demonic elements, for sure altered spirits.

5. A close “friend”

This is a person I know very well, a believer——. No details but jabbed. Before this person is dozed, I have seen his spirits manifested in light, at another time dressed in a long yellow priestly garment, the closeness to the Lord. Just recently, the Lord revealed the current state of this person to me in a dream vision dressed with shabby, dirty cloth with his to arms folded on his chest, shamed. This person, unlike the others doesn’t have the look of a mannequin but chnged from his former anointment. I know the Lord will redeem this person but at a price

6. Another close friend.

One other friend, a believer, who was anointed with light and bright white wedding dress, which I didn’t expect to be jabbed is jabbed and is revealed to me as a spirit in grey, not total darkness, changed. I also understood, the Lord will redeem this friend too.
From what is revealed to us, from what we pensive and understand in the spirit, we see, for certain, there is a change, transformation the spirits in progress.

This what the lord revealed for me. Many have seen different kinds of changes. Sharing them will help many to repent, leading them toward redemption. This is the goal of this message, for Repentance.


When we say they look like part mannequin, it is obvious to all that it doesn’t mean people are changed to plastics. Needless to say, what it means is, their humanity is changed to something other than what God created, other than humans. Corrupted, defiled is what the change is. Remember who the corrupter is, the enemy, the devil. Now, from this message, even if it is a small part of the whole, the Lord revealed for us the Vax brings change in the spirits of the jabbed as well as in their carnal nature.

Repent! Repent! Repent!



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