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Manifestation of Unclean Spirits !!!

April 23, 2021 3:15 PM
Revelation 16:13(KJV)
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

Many have seen, many have heard and many know about it but who had the correct discernment is the question in this revelation. To begin with, the children of the Lord with the holy spirit speak the word, preach the gospel, share what is revealed for them, worship, pray, honor, glorify and praise the Lord. When something is not from the Lord, then our spirit struggles, sometimes we get discomforted of what we hear and see. We feel the struggles within self when seeing which is not holy or not from the Lord. The holy spirt leads, teaches and guide us what we do, hear and see.

This revelation is about what has transpired in the states years earlier. I have shared it with those close to me when it happened. It is good to share it in public to answer our questions and do away with our doubts. At the end, it is up to all to take it to the Lord for the truth. My job is to share what I saw for the Lord have a reason to reveal this to us:-

The Lion Behind The Possessed!

In 2013, a year before the real event, I had a revelation from the Lord. I see a woman dresses with light darker cloth walking alone. She is walking from the South to the North in a curved path. There is forested landscape to my left a little elevated. To my right is a little lower ground with light forest, wood and grassland. She is walking at a curve, little half a circle going North. The lady is walking very slowly with counted steps, extremely strange. I am looking at her at a distance almost less than a hundred miters away thinking of lady I know who looks like her. She is watching me like a pray with a stern look. She is not budging, moving forward towards me. Now, her walk, the stern look and the way she is dressed and her total outlook threw fear in me. It is a fear not knowing what she is, what she is up to and where she is heading, alone, alone in the woods. All of a sudden, I notice a movement in the lower grassy woodland. and turned to the right. There is a Lion, a very angry beast. The Lion is cautiously heading towards me, started moving towards me. When I see it the wild beat took cover behind the trunk of a big tree. The lady didn’t move neither to the left nor to the right, she kept walking slowly and strangely. Before the Lion takes a stride and jump on me, I got up. That was very close. It felt so real.

The way the lady walks and acts is good manifestation of demonic possession. Added with the company of the king of the beasts, the Lion, the true nature of the strange looking lonely lady is revealed.


Demonic manifestation in the company and protection of the devil (the Lion)
Demonic possession has multiple manifestations, one of them in this revelation, the subject is “subdued,” not spaeking and strange looking.
A year after I saw this vision, this happened , the rest I leave for you.

No offence, I delivered what the Lord gave me.

Mysterious ‘Woman in Black’ July 28, 2014, 8:02 PM EDT

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