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Manifestation of Evil Spirits – Noel Castillo


Manifestation of Evil Spirits

September 3, 2021 1:37 PM
Noel Castillo

May the Lord Almighty bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ. I am trying to catch up with all the Father has revealed in His endless mercy, after a long period of refusing to speak up. I am trying to be obedient to Him only.

On early june, 2021

I was called to pray for a man who was being tormented by an evil spirit. He couldn’t sleep well at night, he heard sounds; someone calling him at 2:00 am, footsteps, something was moving his bed, turning lights on and off, opening the closet’s doors, and even in the last instances, pushing and hitting him. He had been through that situation for a week, and he was desperate for help. After he surrendered his life to my Savior and Redeemer Jesus, the Holy Spirit delivered him from that torment.

Prior to starting praying for him the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying:

Tell my people to prepare, for this will become usual. The manifestation of evil spirits will increase these days. I will allow this to happen for there is too much incredulity of the spiritual realm. Even many of the so called “cristians” ignore much of the spirit realm. Many people will be tormented; specially those who deny the spiritual things, and those who mock and scoff at my words and servants. Remember I allow everything with a heavenly purpose, for many will come back to Me for help.

When I say be prepared, it’s because in the spirit realm, you cannot disguise as someone you are not; this means that who you are is evident in the spirit. Evil spirits know who belongs to Me and who doesn’t, they know who is anointed and who fakes to be Mine. The sin is evident because your garments look stained and wrinkle in the spirit. So they know who is right with Me, and who possesses my authority and fire and who doesn’t. Also, be ready because you will be called to help these people, and not by might nor by power but with my Spirit says the LORD.

Be attentive and you will hear comments about this; many people complaining of the rising manifestation of evil spirits everywhere. As the enemy rises, my Holy Spirit will also increase His manifestation in my true people. In those who seek me in spirit and truth, those who have surrendered all to me. You, My people, will be safe if you hide under My mighty wings. You will be safe for I am GREAT in the midst of my people, I am your Protector says the LORD; Almighty and Faithful is your protector says the Great I AM.

While I am typing: How do I prepare, you ask? Put your spiritual houses in order, forgive and ask for forgiveness, confess hidden sins (even ask forgiveness for those sins you don’t remember), study and practice the bible (learn what and when to quote it), ask ME to guide you, praise Me, spend time in the secret place with Me, fast, and pray daily.

As always, take this revelation to the Father in prayer for confirmation. All glory and honor to the One Who lives forever and ever, The Almighty God, to His beloved Son Jesus Christ, and to His Powerful Holy Spirit.




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