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LOVE EACH OTHER – Teri Henessey


September 1, 2021 3:28 PM
Teri Henessey

Hello brothers and sisters, as I was pouring out my heart and repenting to the Lord today, for all my failures, faults and inadequacies, he gave me the following and though he was speaking to me directly about myself, he gave me an understanding that this word is meant for all of us and so therefore I am sharing with you all…

Sept 1/21 1:30PM

My daughter write my words,

Child, the facts you have stated are all true but you must also remember who I AM, who I AM in you. You are not alone. You have never been alone. I have always been with you. From the day you were born, I have been with you and in you. I have watched and have heard every thought, every action you have ever done in your 49 years of life. You are not lost. Yes there are many of My Prophets shouting from the rooftops, yes each of you has a precious and specific role to play in these last days. You listen to the Spirit in you more than you know, more than you realize and you are correct that fear has overcome you, even more so these past 15 years than any other times in your life. The life you have had was indeed chosen by you and the fact that you know this understanding is more mature than some but in other ways, you have much growing to do. I know you’re not ashamed of Me or My word, but you are fearful, uncomfortable even, in being in any kind of light, you are unbelieving in My genuine and sincere love for you. It is why you are on a path of discovering who you are. Some can come to the knowledge of My truth and immediately pick up their cross and do the work they have been called to do, this is the life they chose. Others must endure suffering till the day I take them home and their focus, their purpose was merely for suffering only. Others will discover through their life experiences. All these ways of coming to the knowledge of who I AM in each is presented so diversely because not every person comes to Me in the same direction. I gave you an image once of a very large tree and you saw that all lives started at the base, the trunk of that tree. The trunk is wider and as you go higher up, the trunk becomes more narrow. Once you get to a certain point on the tree, branches begin to protrude from the trunk, these represent all the different paths and ways people come to the knowledge of not just who I AM, but who they are, for all have a purpose. Not all branches are the same, though they all have their place and are rooted from the trunk, they each are their own branch. Each person is a branch on that tree, living their own journey going through the life that was chosen. Some suffer, others do not. But each branch was placed on that same tree. This is the tree of life. My children make up that tree. You all have your journey in getting to where I have called you. I do not condemn you for not taking the same journey as another, for if you look at the branches, they all have their place on the trunk. You will even notice that some branches have a branch growing out of the branch that is attached to the trunk. This is their journey. Each of you is my child. Each was endowed with the tools, resources, and elements required to find your way. But not everyone is meant to use their supplies in the same fashion or order. The joy of this journey is the freedom to discover it for yourselves. I AM always here to guide your steps and like before, carry you when your strength is all gone but I only carry you until your strength is renewed, because it is you who is meant to walk out this discovery. My purpose for all My children is to recognize that each of you is unique and each of you has something to offer to those inside or outside of your lives. My only request is that you love one another while on this journey. Love each other through acts, thoughts, and deeds of love and charity and by doing so, you will climb higher and higher on the tree. The whole journey is meant to bring you to the top. That is where I’m calling each and everyone. Some are still standing at the base. Those who are higher up on that tree need to reach your arm down and grab their hand and pull them up. Help each other. Do for each other, and by doing so, you are fulfilling your purpose. It is yours to discover, the gifts that have been given. I bless you all with the ability to have a human experience and part of that is discovering who you are and the gifts you have to share with others and by doing so, creating a beautiful world that is filled with My glory because in the life I have blessed you with is where My glory is found. My glory is in each and every soul. It is your blessing to discover it. I AM always here watching over and always prepared to catch you when you fall, but like a responsible and loving parent, I allow you to walk on your own so you can learn how to be strong and independent, but also learn, by Me doing thus, how to help each other. What I teach each of you is meant to teach you to do the same for others, for each other. I love you My children and I AM right here beside you. Be at peace. Rest in My embrace and continue to help each other on this journey so you will all make it to the top of your climb of My great and glorious tree.

With all love,
Abba father

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