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Looking Good Before Men – CCM

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Looking Good Before Men

November 26, 2021 1:04 AM

November 26, 2021 (5:30-6am)

“Many of My Children are more interested in looking good before men than before Me. Tell them that judgement is coming. Destruction comes!”

[I saw Pastor T. D Jakes and asked why he was before me, as I do not live anywhere near the continent the man resides in. The LORD said he is one of them. This is all I am allowed to share. Please pray for all ministers who are in error to repent and return to the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I understand “looking good before men” as appearing to be infallible, maintaining a credibility one does not have. Especially with God Almighty.

There is only one word I can used to describe the LORD’S demeanor this morning: smoldering anger.]

There is another short word given before today that I permitted to share, concerning what will be happening during the Great Harvest and the Delusion…

There is nothing new to preach. The Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD is the same.

I can testify that some of my brethren in Christ have delivered messages from Abba, who told us not to make the Gospel complicated but to keep the message of the Kingdom of GOD simple.
Deception is coming; the likes of which we have never seen, as the scriptures says.
So let no one be deceived by anything that satisfies the eyes, the flesh or pride.(1Jn 1:15-17)

Always remember that the foundation of Luke 6:46-49 is the Truth, the house on that foundation is also the Truth. Seeking God’s face is seeking complete Truth.

The Truth is the Word is GOD ALMIGHTY. Unchangeable.

May we remain faithful and surefooted on the TRUTH, which is our foundation till He comes. Amen.


PS: God bless and keep you always, 444News Team.

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