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Locusts From the Pit of Hell – Norman Gauthier PH.D.

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Locusts From the Pit of Hell

October 5, 2021 11:28 AM
Norman Gauthier Ph.D.

The morning of September 28, 2021, after several days of intense prayer, the Holy Spirit began revealing, not only the physical, but the spiritual significance of a video I’d watched of an interview with Dr. Carrie Medej (link below), and prompting me to share what was being shown.

I contacted Diana Pulliam, a member of my prayer group, so we could discuss and pray over my findings. After praying with the other members, all felt God wanted this written up in an attempt to warn and awaken others to this great deception and demonic attack.

It may be helpful to first explain why a particular portion of the video got my attention. I have degrees in Entomology, Insect Toxicology, Zoology, and Insect internal microscopy photo-micro techniques. I’ve been a research scientist, in addition to teaching these subjects at college and university levels for over 38 years.

Dr. Medej had taken a photomicrograph of the cellular inclusions in a drop sample of the Moderna vaccine under the microscope. This showed very interesting cellular components, but in one area an unknown moving “creature” was detected.

When Dr Medej first observed the alien-like creature moving in the matrix contents of the Moderna vaccine, she became frightened. This unknown creature was moving under the cover slip going towards its edges and coming towards her. It appeared to be aware of her as it climbed up trying to reach the objective lens of her microscope. She called in two of her colleagues, who were also frightened by what they observed. This triggered me to do some research to identify it.

The Morphology of the creature: Her original photograph of the vaccine contents under 400X was a little blurry. This creature had appendages, and there seemed to be from 4 to 6 appendages which appeared to be legs. Other inclusions were also seen in this sample including metallic aggregates of heavy metals, brightly colored strands of genetic material noted to be DNA and MRNA, but no human blood.

I then enlarged the image to make the structure clearer. It definitely had appendages of from 4 to 6 legs. Two more appendages where the forelegs could be were shortened and I could not see its ends. They were out of focus, but could be the modified grasping front legs to make a 6-legged creature. But if it was an early synthetic instar, they might not be there. It had an elongated thin body, a head with 2 eyes, and a pair of antennas.

A clearer detail could not be obtained, as the specimen was not in the complete field of the slide image. However, the eyes were bright. The angular head capsule, so distinctive of mantids, was pointed and triangular in shape, and perfectly formed. I have included a photo of an unknown species of a 1st instar Mantis that is 4-legged, and in my opinion they somewhat agree.

Nature’s Perfect Predator – the “Preying” Mantis (purposely misspelled to reveal its sinister, eerie, frightening appearance, and mystic presence). The praying mantis belongs to the order: Orthoptera and the family Mantidae of some 2400 global species.

As this progressed, an understanding of purpose, functions, and the why of using insect genetic cellular material were given. It appears to be a form of an immature arthropod related to the Locust family.

It is a fierce predator, and all species of mantids are carnivorous. They feed on other insects and pests. They lie in wait to ambush their prey and are masters of camouflage or blending in with their surroundings. Adults are winged, immatures are wingless.

The mantis is a subject of folklore and shrouded in mystery. Common names are Soothsayer, the term mantis in Greek translates as “diviner” as it sometimes slowly sways back and forth as if to put its prey into a trance. One of our common species has the name Mantis religiosa. Another name is the devil’s horse. Hmmm! This insect definitely bears a bad rap sheet.

My question is:

What is an apparent insect micro-bot doing in a Moderna vaccine sample?

If this identity information is correct, then the mantis would make an excellent candidate for making and developing a swarming locust micro-bot to invade, monitor levels of function, transmit (it has antennae), control genetic coding and cellular replication, with the ability to hide undetected in vascular systems – in theory.

It is of interest to review the acronym used for this new vaccine company MODERNA. Rearranging its name: Mode-RNA = modification of RNA. Microdevices can be smaller than a cell, and within the body have movement so could be called mobile robots. Their functions include movement and locomotion, they can form swarms and act as a beehive colony or ant hill, have many microsensors, exhibit power controls and regulate metabolic functions as well as energy harvesting, and exhibit synthetic life.

It became very clear that nanotechnology recombinant DNA and MRNA to our genetic code using non-human sources, such as insect genetic sources, would be deleterious and cause abnormal genotype and phenotype life changes. In essence, you would be hybridized, genetically transformed, and become trans-human. This process would ultimately end humanity as we know it.

Note from Diana:

When Norman contacted me regarding this, he also mentioned Revelation 9 had been repeatedly given while praying. We talked about the locusts being released from the bottomless pit in that chapter, and the king who ruled over them. We prayed for more revelation and agreed we’d wait a couple days to see if the Lord might reveal more. The following is a compilation of what has been shown:

That evening I was awakened several times seeing that horrendous little creature, as the Lord began to impart the huge spiritual connection. The implications were beyond my imagination.

As I awoke the following morning, the Holy Spirit very firmly said,

“I have already told you, ‘All Hell Will Come Against You!”

Saints, the Lord’s showing this to be exactly what’s going on here. The mantis is in the locust family! The word “locust” is used generally in the Bible, to describe various types, as in Joel 1:4.

The term Abaddon (Hebrew), or Apollyon (Greek), means destruction – or destroyer; and is used to describe both the place (bottomless pit) and the angel – or king of the bottomless pit. Notice in Revelation 9, this star/angel fell from heaven to earth, and was given a key to open the bottomless pit – to release the locusts. He’s king over the locusts.

Some believe Apollyon to be another powerful archangel – other than Satan; but many believe it to be Satan himself. I’m with the latter group because of various names used to describe the devil: deceiver, destroyer, devourer…. Interesting that these match the attributes of the locust -specifically the mantis.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. We know Revelation 9 is talking about a future event. This takes place after the seventh seal is opened, and is the fifth of seven trumpet judgments released as the wrath of God is being poured out. Notice the description of the locusts released during this future event (verses 7 – 10).

These “locusts” sound like something we’ve never come across in the natural. It’s just a thought, but might they be weaponized insect drones? Whatever their make up is, God calls them locusts. And they are commanded not to hurt anything or anyone EXCEPT those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads! How frustrating for the devil. He has to release these locusts upon those of his own kingdom!

The devil’s been well aware of this prophecy, and it seems he’s attempted to do an end run to circumvent the plan of God. It appears they are making the forerunner of the Revelation 9 locusts in the form of a micro-sized bot to attack mankind, with a main target being the Saints of God. It’s being placed in a devil’s potion, along with other toxic ingredients, and inserted directly into our vascular system. These locusts then have access to every organ within the human body to do what they’ve been programmed to do…

But when the wrath of God is poured out, they’ll receive this back upon their own heads! In the meantime, God has an important reminder for His people.

The Word of God tells His people no weapon formed against them will prosper (Isa. 54:17).

The devil is defeated by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11).

It’s very important we understand the importance of the Blood of Jesus in not only the forgiveness of our sins, but that it also cleanses us of ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! (1 John 1:9). This says ALL unrighteousness. This includes unrighteous acts of others that would affect you and your physical body! This definitely includes the acts of the serpent – the devil, who deceives the whole world!

If any reading this have already been “bitten” by the serpent, and unknowingly taken this devil’s potion into your body, I urge you to go before the Lord in repentance, and plead the blood of Jesus over every cell of your body; over every strand of your DNA, for total cleansing and restoration. It’s been shown there is a short window to do this…

Two posts related to this subject have been attached, along with the link to Dr. Carrie’s Interview on Israeli News Live. The “creature” is shown at the 3:30 minute mark.

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Please take the information contained herein before the Lord for further revelation and guidance in making the decisions each one of us will face in the days ahead.



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