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! Listen, people of Israel! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

! Listen, people of Israel!
Friday May 24, 2019
Kristina Heuken-Goossen


Hello my dears!

Yesterday in my late evening prayer I got the following word:

MY child,
hear the word of the LORD, O LORD!

The one who is enthroned in height
and chose the earth as footstool!

Thus saith the LORD:

Hear, people of Israel!

Be prepared, be ready!
The enemy seeks revenge,
bloodthirsty revenge!

“In fire and need it should go down!”
That’s how those who
hate you scream !

Yes, a
lot of warfare is going on!
So do not think
your army could save you!

Because only I can truly save!

there is no customer of peace anymore!
The horn sounds over deserts and mountains!
There are wife and child and old woman in constant danger!

The beginning of all end has made sense!
And it will not be stopped or stopped!

What has been proclaimed must happen!
What has been seen must now arrive!

MY word does not lie!
and I can not lie,
because I am the truth!
And light has nothing in common with the darkness!

Light illuminates the darkness
and brings its lie to light!


So know Israel!
So much abomination has taken place in you
and it heaps up
and stinks up to the sky!

And I waited for you to repent!
And I wait, that you turn back from your
wrong and evil way!

But until today:

Thus says the LORD to you:

The time has come
to show the world
that I am the LORD!

And I will glorify ME in you!
At the time of the end!
Not yet!
Not yet!

Because even you are a stumbling cow,
with a stiff neck and blind eyes!

So look now!
For evil threatens you from the north!
And they are drawing up mighty and wicked!
And they will let their power speak with weapons!
Just as they always had in their plan!

But know, oh Israel!
Her arrogance and pride will quickly bring her down!
And you will see it
and wonder
and you will realize again
that I am Lord!

Because you also have to be
cleaned again in the smelting furnace !

Therefore, rejoice and rejoice!

Your time has come,
she is here!


in the clouds,
full of POWER and SPIRIT and GLORY!

Be ready,
be ready!

Your GROOM is coming!


Psalm 83

O God, be no longer still; Do not shut up and do not stay calm, O God!

Indeed, your enemies are raging, and those who hate you raise their heads.

Against your people they make cunning assassination and counsel against those saved by you.

They say, “Well, we will destroy them, that they are no longer a people, and that the name of Israel will no longer be thought of from now on!”

For they have unanimously consulted and made a covenant against you,

the tents of Edom and Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites,

Gebal and Ammon and Amalek, Philistia and the inhabitants of Tire.

Assur has also joined them; they lend their arms to the sons of Lot. Sela.

Do them like Midian, like Sisera, like Jabin at the Bache Kison.

They were consumed by Endor and became fertilizers for the land.

Make them, their nobles, like Oreb and like Seeb and all their princes like Sebah and Zalmunna.

They who spoke: We want to take possession of the floodplains of God!

My God, make it like whirling dust, like stubble with the wind.

Like fire that ignites the forest, and like a flame that burns mountains,

follow it with your weather and frighten it with your wind-bride!

Make your face full of shame, that they may seek your name, Yahweh.

Let them be ashamed and terrified forever; let them be put to shame and perish

that they may become aware that you are the name of Yahweh, that you alone are above the earth!

I can not say anything.
Except that it is very exciting to see
the US wants to send troops to Iran.

I remember a vision from 2015:
I saw a plethora of military jets flying over the Middle East, the Mediterranean was full of military ships.
And in all this bustle, suddenly a big bomb flew.
I’m afraid it was a nuclear bomb!

Let’s hope and pray for GOD’S GRACE!



Kristina Heuken-Goossen 

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