Like a Child – Ruth Johnson

Like a Child

Nov 6, 2019, 11:15 PM
Ruth Johnson
Mark 10:15 KJV
Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

I was loving life
Until life got in the way!
When I was a child
The world was wild!
A treasure under every stone!
I never ever ever
Ever felt alone.
The days stretched on and on,
The nights were short
Filled with innocent dreams,
Mornings brought unspeakable joy
We could do anything!
If it snowed, all the better!
Whole new worlds to play in!
Sleds and skis,
Snowmen and angels,
Skates and snowballs,
Games for the ages.
The stars held wonder,
Wonder what they are?
The moon spread diamonds
Across the lake.
Fish and turtles,
Muskrats and caterpillars,
Loons, red wing blackbirds,
A duck and her drake.
Crawdads scooting backwards fast,
Their babies hiding in the rocks,
An eagle nesting above the deck
Feeding her hungry flock.
School gave friends and books
And learning
But took away our freedom.
Sixteen years, our childhood gone
Never again to see it.
They taught us lies
They made us spies
On our parents and our neighbors,
They gave us drugs
But never hugs
And now I know they hate us.
Right at birth they shoot us up
With numerous diseases,
Made it wrong to drink mom’s milk
Then fed us what they pleases.
We love the sugar
It rots our teeth
They fill them up with mercury,
The fluoride finishes off the job,
We are a bunch of toothless
So…where do we go from here?
I have a Good Friend,
His Name is Jesus
And this is what He says,
You cannot come
To Our Heavenly Father
Unless you are like a child.
Children forgive, children let live
The flowers and the bugs,
They delight in all things,
Are not shy to sing
And are forever seeking hugs.
So I will drop the pretenses
They taught me in school
And I will scale the fences
And play by the old rules,
Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow
Until I reach my childhood dream,
To sit on Father’s lap,
Safe within His bosom,
Drink the milk and honey,
Pay no money,
Go outside and play
With my brothers and my sisters.
Our teeth will not rot away
And we will not get blisters!



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