LIGHTS and POWER OUT – Judy Reynolds


Sep 28, 2019, 9:17 PM
Judy Reynolds

Given late August or beginning of September 2019 I had prayed and asked God to confirm to me if we will experience darkness or grid down experience.

In this dream, I was with someone I know and we were doing some errands together that day.
I know the dream lasted a while but I really dont remember too much but the vivid ending.

I was in a room and me and my son, who was young in the dream but is an adult today were waiting on the bottom step and my friend one step up above me. I remembered that I needed to quick check a transaction to confirm something.. I don’t think it was a receipt but Im not sure, so I went down into this basement type room right below me and there was quite a bit of room in the basement but very few people in it. There was a table with machine on it where I could check what I needed to so I put in the information that I needed to and was waiting for a confirmation number I think,
then all of a sudden before any information was confirmed on this device/computer the lights and power were OUT. I was in a slow motion realization and looked at the few people in front of me and I looked at the stairs for my child and my friend and it felt like God just downloaded a realization that “they”, government, people in charge..KNEW it was a convenient time, and they did what they had
been planning for a very long time. I woke up then, it was terrifying truly, so sudden and I knew the lights would not be coming back on anytime soon. The Lord spoke to me after this dream and gave me strength. Now I no longer question if this will happen as He has shown me that it indeed will.

Please pray for yourself and God will show you, and always pray concerning other peoples words and dreams.

Amos 8: 9, and 10.

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