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Let Him Work Through You During This Time – Michelle DeDios

Let Him Work Through You During This Time

July 23, 2020 8:59 PM
Michelle DeDios


I had the most beautiful dream last night (7/23/2020).

I was with a group of people in a shop, and a bunch of people were rioting outside. The people I was with were giving me a hard time for actually believing everything that Jesus taught, including His teachings about loving one’s enemies and turning the other cheek. Just then, a man burst into the shop and started yelling harsh things at me. He was really mad, and I knew he was about to hit me. I thought, “Well, no better time than the present to live the teachings I believe.” I looked him straight in the eye, and steeled myself for a blow. As I looked at him, I felt the love of Christ in me for this man, and my eyes filled with love. As I continued to look at him in love, his eyes teared up. Then mine teared up too, and then I pulled the man to me for a hug. He was absolutely bawling — his anger completely gone.

The feeling in this dream is difficult to describe. It was an absolute knowing that everything was going to be okay, whether the guy hit me or not. The feeling of the love of Christ flowing through me is something I’d like to feel 24/7.

When I woke up, I immediately thought about how important it is that we resist the urge to take sides during these turbulent times. Our side is never political, it is the side of Jesus, King of Kings, and none other. Now is the time to let His love flow through us into the lives of all the people who are getting trapped in these conflicts like butterflies in a net. God loves them all so much, regardless of what their political beliefs are. His love is the ONLY thing that can take them from a place of hate to repentance.

The darkness is growing. Let your light shine!

Michelle DeDios

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