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Lesson of the Last Will and Testament

May 22, 2021 7:23 PM

September 2, 2018

In a dream vision the Holy Spirit took me to a group of adults in school. The classroom did not resemble one of college, but rather one of secondary or even primary school. The students had just completed one task and were now about to start a new task. The woman teacher announced the new assignment: “Now we are going to write our wills. I will now teach you how to write a Last Will and Testament.”

In the coming events of war, plagues and geological earth changes, many will lose their lives suddenly and unexpectedly. Those who die intestate will lose many of the gifts they wished to give their families and beneficiaries because of an overwhelmed bureaucratic court system and new laws confiscating inheritance assets. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET WRITTEN A WILL, DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

Whatever future events may bring, if you have a will, your loved ones at least will know your intentions for them and have a chance of receiving your gifts. Consider giving certain gifts to your loved ones before you die. Eventually so much property will be either destroyed or stolen. SET YOUR SIGHTS ON WHAT CANNOT BE DESTROYED OR STOLEN, WHAT CANNOT PASS AWAY – THE SAVED SOUL THAT KNOWS AND SHOWS THE LOVE OF GOD.


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