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LED Flag of Destruction – Anonymous


LED Flag of Destruction

September 7, 2021 9:59 AM

September 6, I had an extended dream of tremendous clarity and detail.

I was surveying a field in West Texas. I came across a large metallic anomaly. On investigation, I discovered that it consisted of several bombs – conventional and low-yield nuclear devices that had been welded together to form a large mass. It looked like a conventional weapon had been detonated and this landmine dropped into the resulting crater. With a helicopter, I was able to move it to an area where it could be inspected. I was lucky, because it turns out the bombs were still active waiting to be triggered. Curious if there were more, I began surveying all of West Texas for metallic anomalies and then beyond. I found many more of these “landmines” laid out in a grid. Somehow an enemy had “seeded” the whole area (actually the whole United States) with massively destructive weapons. I told the authorities and the press and was called a white racist conspiracy theorist. No one would listen – even with physical proof. A few months later, something happened and these “landmines” were activated across the entire country. From space, the explosions looked like an LED flag of destruction. After the initial explosions came the fires. The United States was left a smoking ruin.

I do not know if this was a physical vision (though it had tremendous clarity and depth) or a spiritual one. I have no idea how the “landmines” got there.

What is clear is the the enemy has seeded the United States physically or spiritually or both with destructive landmines ready to be triggered. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Confess your sins daily. Plead with those who are not saved, that they might cry out to Jesus and be saved. Life is about to change.


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