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Lasers / Lights out – Pamela Cosby


Lasers / Lights out

November 1, 2021 8:41 PM
Pamela Cosby
Canada 🇨🇦

I have been really wanting to move out of the city for the last year knowing that it won’t be safe in the city. On Saturday, I lightly drifted off to sleep but still lightly awake and suddenly saw a car full of people driving on a country road, a laser came down from the sky and was directed at the car and it exploded as it was driving – a very large explosion. Then I saw a small country house with some trees around it and a hill and the laser came down again and aimed at the house and the entire house began to burn.

I don’t think we will be safe even if we are remote. I was so tired but was able to write down what I saw before I drifted off again. This time I saw a man and a woman walk up to a podium in a news conference. They were lower level government workers like mayors or equivalent (not heads of state)there were chains around them that directed their words and actions that lead up to a dark cloud in the sky that seemed to control them

In September I saw 2 visions.
In mid November I put up Christmas light up candy canes before the ground freezes. In the vision they were slowly flashing on then off and repeating. This gave me the impression of a intermittent power outage
2nd vision – same thing with the candy cane lights but at the end I saw an evergreen tree with the understanding that it was a Christmas tree but it was not decorated. I also put up my tree in late November as my husband’s birthday is in December so it is too hectic to do all at once. I did not receive a date on this one but with La Palma I have to wonder if it is this year and we may feel some of the effects.
I live in Ontario Canada so just a heads up to my Canadian friends

Pamela Cosby

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