La Belle France – Jeff Andrew

La Belle France

September 24, 2021 6:28 PM
Jeff Andrew

Last night I was presented with perhaps the most perplexing dream I have yet encountered from the Lord.


14 July 2021: I turned in on the evening of the 13th July after evening prayer. I was awoken the next morning, around 4am, by what appeared to be someone coming into my room and saying in a somewhat forceful manner, “French Republic”. I woke up somewhat startled and turned the light on – but there was literally no one there, and no TV/Radio or any other influence. I was a little perplexed but though nothing of it at the time. Later that day I turned on TV and almost the first thing to see was the evening news and coverage of Bastille Day in France, which got me thinking about events the night before but provided no answers.

15 September 2021: I received visions relating, firstly to a series of shark attacks, but also visions from the upper atmosphere of the Western USA, the Middle East and what at that time I believed was France (although the vision was broken and I couldn’t be certain). Reported to you as Leviathan September 15, 2021.

24 September 2021: I was praying in the morning before going to work, I had asked the Lord for more information on the series of visions on the 15th September and also if there was any link to the encounter on the 14th July. Thinking nothing more of it I turned in late last evening. Early this morning, sometime between 3am and 4am I received a dream I believe from the Lord – I was in village, close to the south coast of the UK. The village was a postcard vision of the quintessential English village in rolling country, with a village square in the middle leaving me in no doubt as to where I was. Remarkable everyone in the village was talking about France. Suddenly the atmosphere was broken by the arrival of a large group of British soldiers. They were dressed as you would see them recently in Afghanistan or Iraq and they were ready to fight. They took up positions on the out skirts of the village and as they were doing so someone pointed to the coast and yelled the “Rebels are attacking”.

I woke almost straight away and spent a period of time pondering what I had just encountered. While I am absolutely certain the Lord has sent me this dream I have to say I don’t know the significance just yet. Previous dreams have focussed on here in NZ, Middle East or the Americas – this is very different. Earlier this year, April/May, there were media reports of some disenfranchised members of the French Military – I wasn’t sure if it related to this? All the same I thought it better to report into you at least.

God Bless


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