Kill Them…Why? – Ruth Johnson

Kill Them…Why?

Nov 20, 2019, 8:15 PM
Ruth Johnson
You take our young men
Our best and our brightest,
Our beautiful sons we 
Raise healthy and strong.
You send them to war
And train them to fight
In lands far from home.
You reject the outcasts,
The lame and the blind,
You take only the best
You can find.
You tell them it is duty,
It will bring them great honor
To fight for their homeland
On foreign soil.
They must kill them…
In lands they know not
The food or the talk,
The customs, the treaties,
The rulers, the snakes.
They do not know the spiders,
The lizards, the scorpions,
And too often do not know
Who to hate.
People seem good, on a whole,
Like you and me,
They eat and they sleep,
Tell bed time stories.
They plant and they grow,
Reap and mow,
Raise a family,
Kill them…why?
You tell me, 5 star general,
You tell me, pope,
You tell me, Mr. President,
Can you give me hope?
I raised two strong young sons
Who feel their life has just begun.
You would send them to war.
And they would not even know
Who they were fighting for.
For you are a coward, god
Of war, hiding behind many names
But you are still a murderer,
A player of bloody games.
There is a Lord of Light
And he has gathered up a team,
To fight for what is right
In a battle never seen.
Are you ready for Him?
The King of Kings,
The Lord of Lords,
You cowards?
Are you finally going
To show your faces
In your final hour?
Yes, war has always been with us,
War has always been near,
But that by no means means
War will always be here
We have a Savior, a Leader, a King,
Riding on a white horse.
All His Power
All His Might
Comes from The Creator,
Of course.
He will lead us into battle,
Our young men and women too,
Not only them but the old and halt
The blind, the lame, the sick,
The dead, He is their leader too.
The First out of the tomb,
To live eternally,
And offer His hands
To His Father’s vast army.
All will fight, none will die
Of the soldiers in His company.
The ones who make us
Fight each other,
While they languish in luxury,
The ones who work
Behind the scenes,
Perfecting their puppetry,
The ones on the surface
All sparkly clean,
With the finest uniforms
You have ever seen!
Do not they know right off the bat?
We were created from dirt!
All of those fancy clothes
Are draping rotting bones!
And all of their brains are
Being run by cell phones.
My remnant are My warriors,
My true sons and daughters,
The ones who never leave Me,
So says Our Father.
There are those out there
Roaming the land
Who will always make war
Most of their plan.
They will steal the money,
The food and the water,
And lead our sons and daughters
Straight into the slaughter.
They have been doing this always,
Right from the start,
Living among us,
And shooting us in the heart.
We have a Savior,
We have a Lord.
Let us all enlist in the army
That will not die.
Kill us…why?


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