Keep yourself protected by the Lord in prayer – Victoria Ang

Keep yourself protected by the Lord in prayer

March 8, 2020
Victoria Ang

Last night I was given a dream where I found myself in a pair of knee high rubber boots, next to an area of water. I stepped into the water with the boots on and the water started to change to a darker brown almost black water that started to swirl very fast and become choppy. And the scene changed.

I found myself on a zip line going down the side of the mountain super fast. I was holding on for dear life so not to fall. The speed of the zip line started to tear my shirt somewhat and areas of my chest started to show. I got down to the bottom of the zip line and saw a bunch of men that were very dark in appearance ( as in evil) they where peering at me. I took my hands and covered my chest where the shirt had been ripped. The men each got into separate vehicles and started to take off. And the scene changed again.

I found myself purchasing a HARD CONCH shell by the water. I paid the man for the shell. I was made known that something was soon to be put into the shell and the dream ended.

Interpretation :

The “ waters” ( things about to occur )are about to get VERY DARK and turbulent.Keep yourself protected by the Lord in prayer.

Things are really starting to SPEED UP now and there is an increase in evil that is waiting to attack those left EXPOSED and not kept COVERED through prayer and holding on tight to the Lord for safety! The enemy will HAVE TO FLEE!!

The price has been paid and the TRANSFORMATION ( not for all) will soon be taking place as they will be ARMORED up and ready for the end time harvest walking in the POWER OF THE LIVING WATER ( God) !

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  1. Fred

    I have been asking God with all sincerity and with a great deal of prayer if I will be going to heaven

    The Lord gave me an incredible dream yesterday. In the first scene I was getting into an elevator in a dark parking garage. As soon as I got in the elevator 3 guys came out of nowhere and jumped into the elevator as the door shut. They pinned me against the wall and they told me to give me my money or they would give me a bullet. I knew that I was trapped and that there was no way out. In the next scene I was in a house and God showed me that the house represented my spiritual house. There were many ghost-like figures in every room in the house. I was trying everything to get rid of them but they would just laugh at me. I realized that I was powerless to get rid of them.
    The dream represents a couple of things
    The elevator with the three evil men represents being stuck in something with no way out.
    The house filled with evil represents issues that still need to be taken away. These are issues from my past that will keep me from entering heaven.
    What Jesus wanted to show me in this dream.
    We can accept Jesus into our lives as our Lord and Savior. That is only the beginning. We then have to live for Him and be willing to walk away from all of our sins.
    We have to be not only willing to walk away from our sins but we must be willing to repent of all of our sins and never go back there again.
    Jesus showed me how powerless I am without Him. He showed me that what I need to do is to pray that the Blood of Christ cover every room in my spiritual house. This is the only way to drive out any spirits from sins in our past. This is very very important. I do not believe that I would be able to enter heaven unless Jesus showed this to me in the dream. We all need to walk away from our past sins and truly repent of these sins. We also need to cover our past and our present with the Blood of the Lamb.
    I pray that you will all take this to heart and grow from this dream. I believe that it was for all of us


  2. Fred

    In reference to the dream that I recently posted.
    When you receive a junk email on your phone it is natural to just delete it. The problem with that is that there is a really good chance that somewhere down the line you will get another junk e-mail from the same source. Junk emails are kind of like our sins. We try to push them aside but Satan knows that the door is always open for him to try again.
    Now if we take the time to open the email and make an effort to unsubscribe then there is a good chance that we will never see another email from that source.
    So the way that we unsubscribe to certain sins in our lives is to cover all of our past sins with the Blood of Jesus. This is how we tell Jesus that we want to repent of our sins and that we never want those sins coming back into our lives ever again. This is how we purify our spiritual house so that we can be presentable before God. Take the time to confess your sins before God and unsubscribe to them by covering them with the Blood of Christ

    I hope that this helps

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