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Keep Them Close

August 24, 2022 5:50 PM

I had a disturbing flash vision on 8.15.22. For those who have a sensitive nature it has to do with the starvation coming to America and to the world.

I was in and out of sleep and had a brief vision of cats and dogs piled into two sets of large cages that looked to be about six feet tall. There were a couple of individuals in front of the cages. I didn’t see what they looked like but I overheard a remark that one of them made.

“Keep them close in case we need them.”

When I heard that remark I had a knowing somehow that something sinister was afoot. Those caged cats and dogs weren’t going to be adopted or put down – those poor creatures were our dinner. We had reached a point in society where we were actually considering our pets and strays as a food source.

This year we have seen many food manufacturing plants destroyed by fire, farmers being paid off to destroy their cattle and much of America’s farmland bought by wealthy globalists as well as from China. The media too has used predictive programming through their news, advertisements and movies to introduce us to other alternative food sources.

First they gave us plant based food.

Then it was bugs.

I guess our pets those cute little cats and dogs are next.

We all know what’s coming after that (cannibalism).

I pray that we all really get close to the Lord now – close enough so that you know He will provide for you when the going gets rough if that is His will. The world is getting darker each day. There is only one source of hope and His name is Jesus. Call upon Him if you haven’t yet done so.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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