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JUDGMENT WAKE-UP CALL: Dallas, Texas Tornado – Elizabeth Marie


Dallas, Texas Tornado

Elizabeth Marie


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hey brothers and sisters this is
Elizabeth Murray with a lot of rain 3 3
3 today is the 21st of October 20 19 and
they come to you in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ sharing with you the things
that the Lord has shown me I know I have
not been on for quite some time and it
was an unexpected break because
unfortunately there was a death in our
family but now I am able to start
posting again and hopefully in the next
week or two I can get caught up because
I have a lot to bring to you if you have
not been receiving notifications to my
subscribers I suggest you please go
ahead and subscribe again I’m gonna have
to keep repeating that because they keep
kicking my subscribers off at least
that’s what it looks like the other
thing is you can subscribe to my blog
and I have that link down below and you
will be getting notifications from them
as well so they might be more reliable
because hopefully I will be putting out
quite a few videos in the next couple of
weeks I did have something else planned
today but upon awakening I was looking
at the news and I saw an article of what
happened in Dallas Texas last night and
brothers and sisters when I was reading
the article it jumped out a couple of
things jumped out about what happened in
Dallas Texas and I’ll tell you what
those two things are the first thing was
that the tornado that struck there came
at 111 miles per hour winds now for
those of you who have been following me
for a while know that I’ve done a couple
videos on 11 and 11 11 I have those
links also down below for those who have
not watched them 111 is also a judgment
number it is a judgment number
coincidence you you could you decide the
other thing is that it hit at 9:00 p.m.
last night 9 is also a judgment number
9 and 11 are judgement numbers we see
both of these numbers with this tornado
that hit Dallas Texas I believe that
this tornado that Kane is a judgment
wake-up call from the Lord he allowed it
to happen and that is because he is
trying to wake up people to turn back to
him to confess their sins and to to
humble themselves and to turn back to
Jesus Christ now the good news about
this tornado even though it did so much
damage and if you look at the link that
I post below for you of this article the
pictures are unbelievable
the damage to the homes the devastation
to homes and businesses alike were were
huge but there was only one person that
died and let’s pray for that one family
because that’s you know anybody dying is
terrible but just one person dying after
you see that these homes that were
completely destroyed it is a bit of a
so this judgment that has come the Lord
was merciful in sparing people’s lives
as these judgments increased brothers
and sisters and they will be increasing
especially since we are not seeing
people repenting they will increase and
we will start seeing a loss of life many
people will perish God at His mercy
right now is continuing to try to shake
people up and I believe that’s what this
tornado was about it was another sign
from the Lord to wake people up to
literally shake them out of their
complacency and to shake them out of
their selfishness in their selfish ways
and to seek Him again
I looked up 111 on this in the Strong’s
in the Bible the Strong’s Concordance
and what I found was it means an
unlawful thing or something that’s
abominable something that is criminal
something that’s contrary to law and
like I said 111 is a judgment number so
brothers and sisters I’m just going to
be the messenger and bring to you what
the Lord showed me about this tornado
and then you go ahead and take it to the
Father and the Lord Jesus and pray about
it and let him show you as well because
there is a message in this tornado
please pray for the people of Dallas
Texas pray for those who have lost their
homes and their businesses but most of
all pray for repentance pray for people
to come to know the Lord Jesus not only
there but all across America there needs
to be repentance as things get worse and
judgments increase pray for mercy

Original article can be found here

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