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Judgment is Coming – Tasha Grant-Reid

Judgment is Coming

November 5, 2020 9:38 AM
Tasha Grant-Reid

Received November 4, 2020.

Been following the American election…Im not American but it’s quiet interesting how this is a global event. Seeking the Lord for answers because only He knows what is happening, he is in control.

This is the word I received.

America and rest of the world will be judged. The Lord said he will not have His children half-baked (this was a word He gave which was also posted on 444news ‘ half-baked’)… The fire that is coming will make them pure. He wants them cooked,  complete through and through. America is a nation just like the others and will face terrible judgments for the wicked will be burned as dross and the children will come out pure,  shining doing the will of He who called them… Teaching,  preaching, etc (meaning all the gifting of the holy spirit). Particularly the Lord says America is proud… He asked me what do I do with the proud and the wicked?… I told Him they are abased. He said those who will humble themselves to do His will and live in righteousness and holiness those He will exalt. He made sure to tell me that the testing will be great,  I knew many may pass on but they will be with the Lord. The Lord is seeking those who will follow Him and be obedient at all cost,  even losing their lives not in the sense of mortally but losing or walking away from the things of the world. Losing our lives in this world for His sake.

Let the Lord be true and every man a liar (Roman 3:4a).

The message of the Lord to His people in all the nations.

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