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Join Our Forces

(Only for the non-committed Christians)

March 11, 2023 4:40 PM


No more time to play around, no more time to think we are contributing to the world, when we are not. There are too many of us that go thru the motions of saying we are Christians, but we are not really doing the works of a true Christian. We say we believe, but belief is not enough to be called Christian. We need to participate with the works that show our character, show who we are in Christ. Anyone can say they are committed to something. But do you really represent what you claim to be? Do you go out and do the works that define that place in your heart? If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, I am sure you ride a motorcycle, go to races, hang out with others with similar interests. By the same token, if you are a true Christian, do you help others, read my word, treat others with respect? What are the things you do to further my Kingdom? Can you make a list of 5 items you do for me, or how about 3 or maybe even one? Saying you are something, doesn’t mean you are truly that. You must show an interest in the things that relate to that interest. Some might even call it a hobby. In Christianity, it is a belief system that keeps you interested in the things that are being done by the body of Christ. What are your interests?

My chosen are the ones that have spent a great deal of time learning about me and my kingdom. They read my word, they pray, they fast, they talk with me. They learn about Spiritual Warfare and how to defeat the enemy. They are not fearful; they are bold and ready to do what it takes to further my kingdom. Is that you?

I currently see some of the body of Christ following me closely, but it is the very few. Do I need to give each one of you a personalized note to join us? Much time has gone by. Our workers are few. We could use more dedicated workers for the battles that will ensue. I wait for you to join our forces.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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