John Shorey Newsletter 6-15-19

John Shorey Newsletter 6-15-19

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  1. Catherine

    Dear brother John, don’t give up your ministry but change some things. For example: don’t set dates. How many “prophets” told us since 2007 that financial collaps is coming? we are now in 2019 and still nothing happened. Is finacial collaps coming? of course but all these people set dates all the time and never apologized. How many “prophets” gave prophecies: war is coming “imminent”, famine is coming “imminent”, earthquake, tsunami, epidemics…”imminent”. When somebody says “imminent” it should happen in the next hours, days, months. Nobody apologized and some people continue. Are wars and all the other things coming? of course but they didn’t come as these people told us.

    In your place I’ll stopp to ask for financial help. You said it once, two, three…times, now it should be enough. If you walk in faith, then don’t speak anymore about this, Enough people know, if they want they can give, if not, the Lord will use another way. I experienced all this, what you are experiencing, so I know.
    When people call themselves prophets, prophetess, I make a big question mark. I don’t accept anything, if God didn’t give me the same impression before, A prophetic word should be mostly a confirmation for what we know from the Lord, in other way is dangerous. It’s very rar that God speak something to us through a prophet, that we didn’t feel before.
    I don’t believe in pre-trib, as you said Darby brought this wrong teaching and others continued, until most of the christians believed it.
    So many say: we will not see the wrath of God but the wrath of God is coming with the seven vials, some days before Jesus comes back. The Bible says, that Michael will throw the devil down on earth and the great tribulation is the wrath of the devil, this is why he fight the christians and overcome them. The Revelation also says, that the peole who didn’t take the Mark and were beheaded, will be resurrected and reigned with Jesus: this will be the first resurrection.
    Christians should be preparing to be beheaded. If some christians survive, then it means, God will have places of survival for them, for example: Petra in Jordan could be such a place.In Daniel 11, 41 is written, that the Antichrist will take over Israel but not Jordan (Edom, Moab, Ammon).
    In Joel 3,5 it is written that in Zion and Jerusalem will be salvation… After the war in the Middle East we will know better, how will be the situation in Israel and the Middle East.
    Finally an Army of prophets with the spirit of Elijah (of Gentiles) will prepare the Bride of Jesus for all what is coming. Please wait. The prophets of today are not or not yet the Elijahs. It will be amazing. Don’t loose your patience. The Lord prepared everything. Maranatha!

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