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John Shorey Newsletter 12/20/2019

John Shorey Newsletter 12/20/2019

This Newsletter is short but very important


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John Shorey
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  1. If you read in the newsletter the prophetic word of Byron Searle, God said to him again and again: You have missed it! It is true. Many christians want miracles or prophecies but what do they do with all this information? almost nothing.

    You missed it! this is my experience after 33 years with Jesus. How many times I tried to motivate christians to bring the gospel in the streets, to the senior houses, hospitals, etc…but most of them live for themselves and will die for themselves. They dream of the rapture but many will not be part of the rapture.
    You are saved to save!

  2. Nathalie

    You say : “Christmas is the season when we need to remember that Christs birth ” : IT IS A BIG LIE AND TODAY YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT AS A LOT OF VIDEOS ARE DISPLAYED IN YOU TUBE :

    It is not scriptural at all. Christmas MUST NOT BE CELEBRATED :

    Isaïe 1:29 Shame will cover you when you think of the times you offered sacrifices to idols in your groves of sacred oaks. You will blush when you think of all the sins you committed in your sacred gardens.
    Jer 17.2 2 Even their children go to worship at their sacred altars and Asherah poles, beneath every green tree and on every high hill.
    Is.57:5 You worship your idols with great passion beneath every green tree. You slaughter your children as human sacrifices down in the valleys, under overhanging rocks.

  3. Nathalie, a christian doesn’t have to celebrate christmas but he can use this time like every other time to bring the gospel to the people. It’s not important, if Jesus was born in December or Spetember, important is, He was born.
    The 25. of december was the day of the sun, it means if the Catholic Church didn’t have christianized this day, you had today to bow dow before the sun or you will be beheaded.
    I’m happy, I don’t have to bow down before the sun but it’s clear for me, the day of martydom in our countries is near. So let us use this time to show people the way. We don’t celebrate but the world is doing that, so let go and bring them Jesus instead to strife about days.

  4. Linda Courtney

    OH here we go AGAIN on Christmas. I have done BOTH. For 8 years I forbade my entire family, including our 4 kids to STOP with ANY Christmas doings. Then later I repented and allowed Christmas. I can honestly say as God Almighty is my true witness, I am not going to hell because of either choice. You people need to get a grip, and realize NOT everything about Christmas is pagan. Shame on the self righteous attitude so many people have. *******

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