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By John Shorey 07-08-2024

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Nuclear War Update

In my last report that I titled, “Nuclear War would start next week” I had intel that proved we were sitting on a tinder box that could erupt at any time. I am not a prophet but I had to come across convincing enough so that you and others would take the time to see why I was so convinced. It worked because I had more readers than I have ever had on 444 prophecy news.

The threat of nuclear war for the week of my last report has come and gone but the real threat of nuclear war has not gone.

If you study Gods word there are coming events that point to nuclear war. The city of Damascus, Syria will no doubt be nuked, if you study the intel I have in this edition newsletter you will realize that we are in the days that this event will happen.

If you study further, you will see it looks scary true that we are in the days that Mystery Babylon, (The USA) will be destroyed in one hour. Again, please read the intel and discussions that show why we are in these days of destruction.

Many want to know how much time do we really have? I have been praying over this question constantly. In recent newsletters I have said that I am convinced the destruction of these wars will happen before this election season is over. But again, study the intel included in this newsletter. It does not seem possible that we will even make it to the November election. The intel makes war seem very imminent.

There is a very important factor to the timing of nuclear war and other end time events that most overlook. It could be called the God Factor. God is in control and He will not allow events to happen out side of His chosen time.

I am thinking we have a little more time to prepare. Don’t waste this time. Could it be God has allowed things to just about reach a boiling over point to get your attention?

I cannot set dates but a recent study shows the month of September has a time that is the beginning of a new calendar year on the Jewish calendar. This beginning of a new calendar year could be the beginning of the Great Tribulation. I could show you how I came to this conclusion but not in this Newsletter. I can suggest you study Joel chapter 2, there are important clues there.

This info does not mean we have time to waste, my studies show beyond a doubt that the nuclear destruction of the USA comes before the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Again, I beg you to read all the intel in this newsletter and pray over it.

These are not the days to keep your walk with God on the back burner. No, these are the days to get right with God and serve him with all your heart every day.

The Globalists need WW3 this year

Why this year? Because the tide is turning against the elite globalists tht have been funding and promoting war instead of peace.

The elections in recent weeks have turned against the globalist leaders in both France and England. The same is happening in America. Our country is currently in the hands of the Globalists. If they cannot keep control of America by their corrupt elections then they will need to destroy America.

The truth of the matter is, the Globalist have an agenda of massive population reduction. If the worlds population can be greatly reduced, it will be easier to control the people.

There are many facets to accomplish this goal.

  1. War is a big one. A nuclear war can reduce the world’s population by


  2. Plagues, Covid 19 was part of this plan. It was not as effective as hoped. The next coming plague will be much worse. These plaques are not just coming out of thin air. No, they are custom made to kill. And the other benefit will be more lockdowns to further control the people

  3. Famine and food control. The globalist does not want you to be prepared with food and home gardens. During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, Our leaders warned us what could happen and America was encouraged to prepare. Watch the news today. We are so much closer to the worst magnitude nuclear war in history and we are not being warned by our liberal news media or by our corrupt leaders.

  4. Destroy food production. I cannot believe how many poultry plants that house millions of chickens have been set on fire in the last couple of months. The globalists want to stop us from eating beef and give us a diet of bugs. The globalist want to outlaw home gardens and family farms. The article is a must read.

I like this saying I heard years ago, “If it is to be, it is up to me” Are you doing all you can to be prepared for what is soon coming down? God saved Noah from the flood but Noah had to build an Ark. Are you building your Ark???

Prepper Advise

Below is an article on a growing war on growing our own food. If you are a prepper building up a supply of food for your family and friends. The odds are at some point you will run out of food. If you take steps now to have seeds ad garden tools and practice raising your food, it could be possible to never run out of food.

It is a must that we think and prepare ahead of time. If you don’t buy seeds now and garden tools and you wait until the store shelves are empty, you will also find out that there are no seeds or garden tools to be bought anywhere. Do you realize that you can buy and store seeds in your freezer and they will stay good for years.

This article below may open your eyes to what the globalist have in mind. The globalists want to control the population. The coming rule of the antichrist does not want you to have food and independence.

Globalists will use carbon controls to stop you from growing your own food

02/04/2024 // News Editors //

In early 2020 in the midst of the covid lockdowns, blue states run by leftist governors pursued mandates with extreme prejudice. In red states like Montana, after the first month or two most of us simply ignored the restrictions and went on with life as usual. It was clear that covid was not the threat federal authorities made it out to be. However, in states like Michigan the vice was squeezed tighter and tighter under the direction of shady leaders like Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer used covid as an opportunity to institute some bizarre limitations on the public, including a mandate barring larger stores from selling seeds and garden supplies to customers. “If you’re not buying food or medicine or other essential items, you should not be going to the store,” Whitmer said when announcing her order. The leftist governor was fine with purchases of lottery tickets and liquor, but not gardening tools and seeds.

She never gave a logical reason why she targeted garden supplies, but most people in the preparedness community understood very well what this was all about: This was a beta-test for wider restrictions on food independence. There was widespread rhetoric in the media throughout 2020 attacking anyone stockpiling necessities as “hoarders,” and now they were going after people planning ahead and trying to grow their own food. The establishment did NOT want people to store or produce a personal food supply.

This past week we have seen more confirmation of this, as a study out of the University of Michigan claims that homegrown foods produce five times more carbon emissions than industrial farming methods. In other words, private gardens could be considered a threat to the environment. The Telegraph and other corporate platforms have jumped on the story, and I believe this is cause for concern.

The study includes analysis of various gardens from individual family plots to urban and community plots and claims that “garden infrastructure” for individual plots (such as raised beds) contribute far greater carbon pollution than large scale farming. The study seems to ignore the fact that raised beds are more efficient and grow more food in a smaller space, but I doubt they really care to take these kinds of things into consideration.

If you think the war on farming which is raging right now in Europe is only intended to affect industrial farms, think again. The establishment is going to try to use the man- made climate change lie to dictate ALL food production, right down to your unassuming backyard garden. And they won’t limit their efforts to the EU; they will come after American farms with the same restrictions.

This is really what the globalist “net zero” programs and 15 minute cities are all about – They are based on the idea that all human activity needs to be monitored and managed. They say it’s for the good of the planet, but the systems they want to put in place from 2030 to 2050 sound like a new digital feudalism, a society where bureaucracies track and trace and micromanage every aspect of your life. The elites benefit greatly while never proving that carbon emissions are a danger to anyone.

Why the obsessive focus on food? Because if people have their own food, then they might be more willing to rebel against further mandates. It’s really that simple. The end game is obvious – Control the food, and you control the world. Do it in the name of saving the planet and a lot of people will even thank you as you starve them.

‌Financial Needs and Health Update

‌Health wise, I am amazed, God has been sustaining me day by day. Even on my worse day I am still alive fulfilling Gods will for my life. I like what my 88 year old neighbor used to tell me what I would ask him how he was doing. He would say, “I am still above ground level” and” I am still above room temperature.’

‌Last week was my 72ed birthday. I never thought this body would last this long, but I realize God is not done using me here.

‌I am firmly holding on to Gods promise that I will be totally healed and I don’t

mean by death.

I regret my health and lack of energy has prevented me from doing more to reach out and thank those who give to my ministry. Please accept my thanks here and remember God totally keeps track of your gifts to the work of the Lord.

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‌War Analysis Update

‌There are wars happening all over the globe right now. The two I am closely watching concern the Middle East and the ultimate war that will result in the destruction of Mystery Babylon, the USA. These two wars are described in the Bible and they cannot be avoided or prayed away.

‌The Bible and the anti-christ component.

‌I study many writings of secular news and military analysts. It frustrates me to no end that these educated teachers are missing so much because of their lack of the Bible prophecy aspect of what is happening.

‌I will cover the coming anti-christ aspect below after I cover what is happening in the Middle-East

‌In the Middle East we know from the Bible that Israel will be forced to use nukes to save their country from total destruction. How do we know this? Read about the destruction of Damascus Syria. The Bible says it will be a ruinous heap never to be inhabited again. I keep hearing that tactical nukes will be used but to take out a city as big as Damascus that cannot be lived in gain, it must be a very big nuke.

‌Israel is horribly outnumbered by its enemies. There are about six Middle-East countries that are saying they will join in the fight to destroy Israel. I did a population study last night and what I discovered blew me away.

‌Israel has a population of about 7.5 million

‌Lebanon has a population of 5.5 million.

‌Realize this is a small population but now look at the size of the countries who

‌have pledged to come to Lebanon’s aid. Syria has a population of 22 million Iraq has a population of 44.5 million Iran has a population of 88 million Turkey has a population of 85 million

‌Egypt is under pressure from its people to side against Israel and they have a population of 114 million as well as a large army.

‌According to Ezekiel 38 Russia will eventually get involved.

‌How will Israel survive?

‌Currently Israel has held off their plans to invade Lebanon, Israel is waiting on the arrival of military arms promised by the USA. Will America save Israel? I am totally convinced that the USA, Mystery Babylon will be destroyed before the beginning of the Great Tribulation. The destruction of the USA will embolden the enemies of Israel to launch their total attack on Israel. When it looks like there is no hope for Israel, this is when God will step in and save His chosen people the Jews.

‌The coming anti-christ aspect

‌You may or may not agree with what I am about to say. If you will study the intel I have provided in my last several Newsletters, you should conclude as I have that the USA is provoking the bear of Russia. Why is this?

‌It is not that hard to understand. Our current president is just a puppet and the puppet master is a former president that has not left Washington DC. These leaders have a not-so-secret agenda to prompt the destruction of the USA, so that America does not stand in the way of the forming of a Global One World Government.

‌When the USA is destroyed this will pave the way for a former USA leader to rise as a major player in the coming new world order, being led by the anti-christ.

‌So, what is happening with the coming elections? I believe we will not even have a November election. All this rederic for Pres Biden to stay in the race, is just a ruse to not upset plans that are already in motion to force Russia to Nuke America and take America out of the way.

‌Like it or not, The Bible says that the USA, Mystery Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. If it says it in the Bible, it is cast in stone and no amount of prayer will prevent this from happening.

‌What I have just explained above is why America is not seeking a peace in the war in Ukraine. America continues to give Ukraine more powerful weapons and Ok’s Ukraine to start attacking deeper into Russia. I would not be surprised if somehow America accidently gives Ukraine a nuclear missile that is fired into Russia, finally provoking Russia to hit the USA with all their might.

‌What is in the News?

‌10 Signs That Global War Is Rapidly Approaching

FRIDAY, JUL 05, 2024

Authored by Michael Snyder via,

Are we on the verge of an apocalyptic global war in which billions of people could die? Very few people anticipated that World War I would erupt, but it happened anyway. And very few people anticipated that World War II would erupt, but it happened anyway. All throughout human history, there have been wars. Ever since the very beginning, it has just been a matter of time before major powers collide. Unfortunately, even though very alarming warning signals are flashing all around us, most of the

population of the western world seems absolutely clueless about what is really going on out there. Leaders all over the planet seem to have come down with a really bad case of “war fever”, and preparations for apocalyptic showdowns are being made.

The following are 10 signs that global war is rapidly approaching…

#1 Politico is reporting that Israel and Hezbollah have both “drafted battle plans”, and the Biden administration is convinced that “intense fighting is likely to break out”…

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces and Hezbollah have drafted battle plans and are in the process of trying to procure additional weapons, according to two senior U.S. officials briefed on the intelligence.

Both sides have publicly said they do not want to go to war, but senior Biden officials increasingly believe that intense fighting is likely to break out despite efforts to try and prevent it.

The risk is higher now than at any other point in recent weeks, according to another senior

U.S. official, who, like others in this story, was granted anonymity to speak freely about sensitive intelligence.

#2 Iran is warning that there will be an “obliterating war” if the IDF enters southern  Lebanon

Israel will face an “obliterating war” if it embarks on “full-scale military aggression” against Hezbollah in  Lebanon, Iran’s Permanent Mission to the UN warned on Friday.

The announcement was made on Twitter.

“Albeit Iran deems as psychological warfare the Zionist regime’s propaganda about intending to attack Lebanon, should it embark on full-scale military aggression, an obliterating war will ensue. All options, incl. the full involvement of all Resistance Fronts, are on the table,” the post reads.

By “all Resistance Fronts,” Iran means not just Hezbollah and Hamas, but also the Houthi rebels in Yemen as well as other groups in Syria and Iraq.

#3 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that a major with Iran is inevitable because he believes that the Iranians have plans to conquer the entire Middle East

Netanyahu emphasized that the fight against Iran’s terror proxies is critical for other nations in the Middle East, as Iran aims to dominate the rest of the region, including Sunni Muslim nations.

“We also have to deter the other elements of the Iran terror axis. But we have to deal with the axis,” Netanyahu explained. “The axis doesn’t threaten only us. It threatens you. It’s on the march to conquer the Middle East.”

“That means, actually, conquer. Conquer Saudi Arabia, conquer the Arabian Peninsula. It’s just a question of time,” he warned.

#4 According to NBC News, the U.S. is moving military assets into position so that they can be “ready to evacuate Americans” once an all-out war erupts between Israel and Hezbollah…

The Pentagon is moving U.S. military assets closer to Israel and  Lebanon to be ready to evacuate Americans as fighting between Israel and Hezbollah intensifies, according to three

U.S. defense officials and a former U.S. official familiar with the plans.

The USS Wasp, an amphibious assault ship, and Marines from the 24th Expeditionary Unit, which is special operations capable, moved into the Mediterranean on Wednesday to join the dock landing ship USS Oak Hill and another ship in their amphibious ready group, according to the Marine Corps. The Wasp will operate in the eastern Mediterranean to be ready for a Military Assisted Departure and other missions, the officials said.

#5 On Thursday, Hezbollah sent approximately 40 rockets into northern Israel

Hezbollah launched a barrage of some 40 rockets at northern Israel on Thursday afternoon, in what the terror group said was a response to recent Israeli airstrikes in  Lebanon, including the killing of one of its operatives earlier in the day.

#6 On Saturday, Israeli aircraft bombed several Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon

On Saturday afternoon Israeli fighter jets struck a building in southern  Lebanon’s Houla where a group of Hezbollah operatives were gathered, the military said. The IDF said the operatives were spotted by troops of the 869th Combat Intelligence Collection Unit, and a short while later the airstrike was carried out.

Another building used by Hezbollah in Houla was also struck, the IDF added. It published footage of the strikes.

#7 I know that I wrote about this last week, but I couldn’t leave this particular item out of this article. Apparently Joe Biden is thinking about approving a plan that would “allow US military contractors to deploy to Ukraine”

President Joe Biden’s administration is moving toward a plan that would allow US military contractors to deploy to Ukraine for the first time in a limited capacity, CNN reported.

Four US officials familiar with the matter told the outlet that a policy is being worked on to allow the Pentagon to issue private contracts to send troops for the maintenance and repair of US-supplied systems in Ukraine.

#8 Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly interested in developing a coalition of nations that would “rival the West and NATO”

Rhetoric from Vladimir Putin about a Eurasian security coalition is part of a Kremlin plan to create a group of Moscow-friendly countries to rival the West and NATO, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has said.

The assessment by the Washington, DC think tank follows Putin’s visit to North Korea which, one international security expert told Newsweek, has “deepened an already intensifying relationship of convenience” between Moscow and Pyongyang.

#9 Putin is also warning that Russia will need to begin production of intermediate-range nuclear weapons systems

Russia must respond to the actions of the United States and it seems that it is necessary for the country to start the production of intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) strike systems, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

“We need to respond to this and make decisions about what we will have to do in this direction next. Apparently, we need to start manufacturing these systems and then, based on the actual situation, make decisions about where – if necessary to ensure our safety – to deploy them,” Putin said at an operational meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council.

Of course the Russians already have more tactical nuclear weapons than anyone else in the world by a large margin, and they have developed brand new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles which are so advanced that they aren’t even worth comparing to the Minuteman missiles that the U.S. is depending on which first went into service in the 1970s.

#10 A very influential figure in Russian foreign policy circles is suggesting that the Russians should actually detonate a nuclear device in order to show the world how serious they are

Dmitry Suslov, a top figure at the Moscow-based Council for Foreign and Defence Policy, has put forward the idea of Russia carrying out a “demonstrative” nuclear detonation, a

move that could prompt the start of World War 3. This alarming suggestion arises as tensions with the West intensify due to Ukraine’s use of Western-supplied weaponry against Russian forces.

Suslov’s think tank, known to occasionally sway government policy, made this proposal public shortly after President Vladimir Putin delivered a grave warning to NATO countries. Putin warned that if Ukraine were to employ Western arms for attacks on Russian soil, it could spark a worldwide crisis, reinforcing his point with threats of severe repercussions.

Unfortunately, all of this is happening at a time when 72 percent of U.S. voters believe that the guy with his finger on the nuclear button does not have “the mental or cognitive health to serve as president”

A sweeping section of registered voters do not believe President Joe Biden has the mental and cognitive health to serve a second term as president after his unsteady debate performance last week, according to a new poll.

The CBS/You Gov national survey conducted in the days after the debate found that 72% of voters do not believe Biden has the mental or cognitive health to serve as president, as well as nearly half of his own party. That’s up seven points from the beginning of June.

We are in far more trouble than most people realize. And it is far later than most people think that it is.

I just wish that we could get more people to wake up. We are literally stumbling into an apocalyptic global war, and once we are in the middle of it there will not be any way to go back and get a second chance to do things over.


H A L T U R N E R W O R LD J U LY 06 , 20 24

In an utterly stunning development in eastern Europe, China has sent troops from its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to Belarus, to participate side-by-side with Belarus troops in an “exercise.” – as NATO places 115,000 troops on Belarus’ Border.

Word of this began to leak out around 5:00 AM eastern US time today (Saturday July 6) when avid air enthusiasts noticed an unidentified plane in Belarus air space. It had begun squawking a Transponder beacon, but was not identifying itself.

The plane landed at a military base in Belarus, and Covert Intel was quickly deployed to take a look. That turned out to be unnecessary because both Belarus and Russia made public the details:

The aircraft was a troop transport/cargo plane from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA): Shortly after it landed, a small contingent of Chinese Army troops de-planed and were greeted with a hearty welcome by Belarus military officers.

It turns out this is a not-subtle-at-all message to NATO: China backs Belarus and Russia. It also turns out that this proves interoperability between those forces; something that was not heretofore confirmed by the West.

NATO has positioned about 115,000 troops on the border of Belarus, hoping to force Russia to lock-in-place about 300,000 troops it has on the border of Ukraine.

Now that China has made its entry into the situation, Russia is now free to utilize those 300,000 troops along Ukraine’s border without having to worry that NATO will enter Belarus.

This is a very big change in the balance of power in eastern Europe. It seems designed to give Pause to NATO and to the West. Observers say it will either achieve that goal, or perhaps trigger a much worse set of actions by the West.

This is now a tinderbox ready to be ignited by the smallest “spark.”


Hal Turner World June 27, 2024


A source in the administration of the Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat and a SECOND source at the Western Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, report they have received from the Israeli government, notice to prepare for a “sudden” and “immediate” start of an all out war with Hezbollah.


H A L T U R N E R W O R LD J U N E 26 , 20 24

A source within the Bank of Russia says a new wave of Western sanctions causing the blockage of bank payments, including through countries that are considered “friendly” to Russia can lead to the DEATH of the Russian economy. Source also says “Russia will not be the only country to die “

According to First Deputy Representative of the Bank of Russia Vladimir Chistyukhin, the United States is telling foreign countries their economy will be Sanctioned (and thereby destroyed) by the US, if they continue processing normal payments to and from Russia.

According to Chistyukhin, it is necessary for Russia to solve payment problems as quickly as possible and not to abhor even exotic or outdated mechanisms. He went on to say “What seemed to us yesterday, unpopular — swaps, some clearing systems, the use of crypto — all needs to be tested, everything needs to be tried.”

He went on to point out the reality that if there are no normal calculations for products on foreign economic activity, for Russia’s export and import- dependent country then Russia is facing “it’s destruction.”

Since the beginning of winter, Russian companies have encountered problems in making payments — shortly after, as US President Joe Biden expanded the powers of the US Treasury and its Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC, allowing them allowing them to disconnect any banks around the world from dollar payments for processing payments to/from Russia

Banks in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates — key hubs of parallel imports to Russia — began to block transactions.

Following the financial blockade, Chinese banks — the main buyer of Russian oil and the largest supplier of imported goods to the Russian market joined in halting the processing of payments.

By the end of spring, according to estimates by the Chong-yang Institute for Financial Research at the People’s University of China in Beijing, 80% of settlements between Russia and China were suspended. Hopes that the situation would radically improve after the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China, were in vain.

Although Putin and Xi Jinping discussed the creation of an isolated network of Chinese banks that would settle with Russia and not be afraid of Western sanctions, its scale was much smaller than what the Russian side was counting on, By the end of May, China started blocking banks of

Kazakhstan. Prior to May the largest the Bank of China regularly handled Kazakhstan payments for sanctions products.

On June 12, the US Treasury added the Moscow Exchange and its key settlement structures (National Clearing Center and National Settlement Depository) onto the sanctions lists, after which exchange trading in the dollar, euros and Hong Kong dollars in Russia stopped. At the same time, subsidiaries Sberbank VEB in China and India, VTB in China, India and Hong Kong, as well as three subsidiaries of the defense industrial bank — Chinese, Indian and Kyrgyz, came under sanctions.

In addition to sanctions against banks, the United States has expanded threatened VPK Russia with secondary measures up to disconnecting the bank from the global dollar system.

The US Sanctions which were only supposed to apply to “defense complex” firms in Russia, NOW refers to all companies included in the sanctions lists that are not even directly related to the production of military products.

Amid problems with payments of imported goods to Russia from January thru April fell by 9%, up to $ 84.6 billion. Moreover, the decline affected all regions: imports from Europe and America fell by 19%, from Asia — by 4%, from Africa

— by 5%.

These new sanctions can deprive the Russian economy of another 15 – 20% of imports, PSB analysts predict. It is important for Russia to determine how counterparties from friendly countries will react to this new wave of geopolitical pressure,

Since the United States also imposed sanctions against subsidiaries of the largest Russian banks in India and China, and this may further complicate Russia’s ability to adapt to new sanctions and thus adversely affect export volumes from Russia.

Said one source in the Russian government “If faced with the actual and intentional killing of Russia’s economy, Russia would have no choice but to kill the countries doing this. We are completely capable

of doing exactly that.”

Hal Turner Opinion

Well, there we have it: Russia is facing the “destruction” of its economy because of the United States imposing Sanctions on countries around the world. The United States is doing this, while at the same time, trying to recruit Ukraine into NATO, for the express purpose of placing American missiles – AIMED AT RUSSIA – on Ukraine soil (with a five minute flight time to Moscow).

It was the United States that fomented, facilitated and financed the forcible, violent overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically-elected President, Viktor Yanukovich, in the year 2014.

It was the United States that rejected Russia’s numerous Diplomatic Efforts to avoid war. It is the United States that controls all of NATO . . . none of them dare disagree-with or refuse U.S. instructions.

The United States is the key instigator of all this trouble, and now, it is the United States that is literally KILLING the economy of Russia. So when a source in the Russian Military told me “If faced with the actual and intentional killing of Russia’s economy, Russia would have no choice but to kill the

countries doing this. We are completely capable of doing exactly that.” What country do you think will have to be “killed” by Russia?

C’mon, this isn’t rocket science . . . you can figure it out . . . . . Yes us.

I have not yet been able to determine how long the Russian economy will be able to continue before it reaches a point where the Russians determine it is “dead” and choose to strike us.

I suspect it must be on the visible horizon that such information has now come out of Russia.

So, my fellow Americans, are you ready for OUR country to be “killed” over what our GOVERNMENT is doing? Because it seems to me that in order for our country to be killed, that seems to necessarily indicate that YOU AND ME would likely be part of that equation.

We are now facing our own national death because of illegitimate president Joe Biden, and the incompetent, arrogant, nitwits he hired into important government positions. Are you ready to die for these people? I’m not. But it seems we are facing exactly that.

‌Russia Declares United States a “Party to the (Ukraine) Conflict”

H A L T U R N E R W O R LD J U N E 24 , 20 24

The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the US ambassador to Moscow after Ukraine used American-supplied ATACMS missiles in an attack on the Crimean peninsula, resulting in numerous civilian casualties.

In a statement on Monday, the ministry said Ambassador Lynne Tracy had been presented with a demarche in connection with what it called “a new bloody crime of the Kiev regime patronized and armed by

Washington,” referring to the Ukrainian shelling of Sevastopol the day before.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian attack occurred around noon local time on Sunday, involving five ATACMS missiles armed with cluster munitions, which are outlawed in more than 100 countries.

Officials said four rockets had been destroyed in mid-air, while a fifth was damaged by air defenses, veered off course, and detonated over Sevastopol. Local authorities say the strike killed four people, including two children, and injured more than 150.

In conversation with Tracy, Russian officials emphasized that the United States was “waging a hybrid war against Russia,” and had become party to the Ukraine conflict by supplying Kiev with modern weapons, including ATACMS missiles with cluster munitions. The ministry also noted that American military specialists were actively engaged in designing the flight mission for ATACMS, which means they “bear the same responsibility for this atrocity as the Kiev regime.”

The ministry added that Tracy had been told that the US was “encouraging the pro-Nazi Ukrainian authorities to continue hostilities until the ‘last

Ukrainian’” by approving strikes deep inside Russian territory. These actions by Washington “will not go unpunished,” Moscow warned.

The US Embassy in Moscow has yet to comment. When asked for its take on the deadly Ukrainian strike, the Pentagon replied that “we have seen the reports and have nothing to say.”

Commenting on potential retaliation on Monday, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov recalled what he described as a “very important” statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he said Moscow could send its long-range weapons to regions where they could be used to attack countries that provide Ukraine with military support.

Hal Turner Analysis

For over two years, we have all heard Russia warning that the United States was becoming a “party to the conflict” and nothing ever seemed to come of that. The US certainly ignored Russia’s warnings, and kept right on doing what it has been doing which begot those warnings.

NOW buried in a story about an American-supplied missile – equipped

with banned “Cluster Munitions” — which hit a Beach on Crimea killing Russian civilians, are the words declaring the United States “has become a party to the conflict.”

The inclusion of this sentence in all Russian media coverage is

almost not noticeable in the surrounding details about the missile hit; yet those words are probably the most important in the whole story.

If the United States is a “party to the conflict” then the United States can LAWFULLY be militarily struck by Russia.

Throughout this conflict, Russia has been the adult in the room. Patient. Precise.

With today’s declaration to the United States Ambassador, that the US is a “party to the conflict” Russia has now crossed all the “T’s” and dotted all the “i’s” for the precise legal framework necessary to engage in military action against the United States.

We are very much in grave danger because of what our federal government has been doing, and continues to do.

‌U.S. Drone Appears to Have Provided Target Coordinates for Ukraine Strike on Russian Civilians at Beach

H A L T U R N E R W O R LD J U N E 23 , 20 24

Earlier today, this website reported an attack with U.S.-Supplied ATACMS missiles, by Ukraine, against civilians on a Beach in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia. Now, we find out that ATACMS could not get targeting coordinates because of Russian GPS Electronic Warfare Jamming, so targeting was apparently provided by a U.S. “Global Hawk” Drone. It looks like WE targeted those Russian Civilians.

As shown in the image above, Russian Jamming of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) has been long underway near Crimea specifically to thwart Ukrainian attacks. The areas in red on the image above are where GPS signals CANNOT get through. So how did those ATACMS hit the target in Sevastopol?

Turns out there was a United States Air Force “Global Hawk” surveillance drone airborne, prior to – and during – the attack. It’s overlapping flight path is shown on the FlightRadar24 map below:

That “Global Hawk” drone can provide precise target coordinates, separate and distinct from GPS. Those coordinates could then be radioed to be programmed-into the HIMARS launcher, which fired the ATACMS

missiles. The evidence seems to indicate: The attack upon Russian civilians, on the beach in Sevastopol, appears to have been targeted with a United States Air Force Global Hawk drone, which relied on US Satellite data and communications to provide attack coordinates.

This appears to many people to have been an act of war by the United States, against Russian civilians.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

Let me ask you: If Americans on a Beach in say . . . Wildwood, NJ, or Miami, FL, were hit with Cluster Munitions provided by Russia, but launched by someone else, while a Russian drone was offshore at the time of the attack, what would we in the United States do?

Would we say “Russia is not a party to the conflict?” OR, would we just cut through the bullshit, declare war, and blow the living crap out of them?

If you think we would declare war and blow the living crap out of them (as I do) then why shouldn’t Russia do that exact same thing to us?

This behavior by the illegitimate Biden Regime, is going to start a massive war, and I firmly believe we will be kinetically attacked HERE . . . inside the United States . . . because of it.

I earnestly hope you are prepared with emergency food, water, medicine, a generator to keep your refrigerator running so your food doesn’t spoil, fuel for that generator, communications gear like a CB or HAM radio, flashlights for each room in the house, a portable radio for news and information, SPARE BATTERIES for those flashlights and radio, a First-Aid kit and so on. Those who have such “preps” will at least have a CHANCE to survive. Those who don’t – won’t.



H A L T U R N E R W O R LD J U N E 23 , 20 24

Videos below show the vicious Ukrainian NAZI government has fired U.S.- Supplied ATACMS against civilians on a beach in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia. At least 3 people have been killed – including young children – and upwards of 100 have been injured. Another war crime by the Kiev NAZIS.

The Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakarova, said the following:

“The date for such a strike was not chosen by chance — it was Trinity Sunday. And we perfectly understand what lies at the core of the Kiev regime’s essence — a deep-seated hatred for everything related to Russia, and Russian culture. And, of course, Orthodoxy and Christianity as a whole. These literally ritualistic — and I believe that’s what they can be called — crimes they commit, coincide with major holidays.”

Statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense:

Full statement of the Russian Defense Ministry on the Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol:

Today at 12:15 p.m. a deliberate terrorist missile attack was carried out on the city of Sevastopol by five American ATACMS missiles equipped with cluster warheads; Four US-made ATACMS missiles were intercepted;

The detonation of the fragmentation warhead of a fifth US-made missile in mid-air resulted in numerous casualties among civilians in Sevastopol;

All flight assignments for US ATACMS operational-tactical missiles are entered by US specialists based on the US’s own satellite intelligence data; Therefore, responsibility for the deliberate missile strike on civilians in Sevastopol lies primarily with the United States, which supplied these weapons to Ukraine, and with the Zelensky regime, from whose territory this strike was carried out;

Russia Warns: Such actions will not go unanswered.


It was an AMERICAN Drone that provided intelligence and targeting coordinates for the ATACMS missile attack upon Sevastopol earlier today. Here is the flight path of the American Drone, callsign FORTE15:



TOLL RISES: Governor of Crimean city Razvozhayev (left vid) confirms at least 5 innocent civilians murdered by American missile targeting beachgoers, adding that wounded children heading to Moscow for world-class emergency treatment and Putin has ordered federal authorities to assist with helping injured. 27 OF THE 100 OR SO INJURED, ARE ALSO CHILDREN.

Lamestream rag Telegraph newspaper in the UK decides to cover war crime but calls missile “Ukrainian ATACMS” (right pic) in revolting attempt to distance Washington from its role in directly supplying weaponry and conducting reconnaissance for terror attack…


Dmitry Medvedev, Seputy Chairman, Russian Federation Council (i.e. Senate): “The US bastards are supplying banderovtsy with cluster munitions and help them to take aim at targets. The Kiev bastards are choosing a beach filled with civilians as their target and press the button.

Both will burn in hell; hopefully, not just in the sacral flames, but even before that, in the earthly fire.

What happened is not military actions but a sneaky and vile terrorist attack against our people; moreover, it occurred on an Orthodox holiday, just like the massacre that extremists had carried out in Dagestan. Which is why now we do not differentiate between any of them, whether it is the American authorities, bandera regime or insane fanatics.

My deepest condolences go to the families of the deceased. I wish the wounded the soonest recovery.”


Hal Turner World June 24, 2024

Israel Defense Force Lieutenant General (res.) Aviv Kochavi has confirmed War will commence into Lebanon.

He publicly said tonight: “I say this from here, first and foremost to the residents of Lebanon. Not only do I suggest you leave from the moment the war begins, but I also suggest you leave from the moment of tension because the intensity of the attack will be something you have never seen. Never seen.




It is widely understood that they were referring to NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

The Israeli officials were then told that if they utilize nuclear weapons, depending upon who gets hit, Israel should not be surprised if one or more other nuclear-armed powers around the world, attack Israel in retaliation, using nuclear weapons, and might do so without _any_ advance warning.

They were also told that Israel would immediately become a pariah nation with whom almost no one will engage in trade or commerce. Their national economy will likely be made to collapse and even food would likely not be shipped to Israel from almost any country on earth, bringing literal starvation to the land.

Israel was also reminded that the rise in retaliatory acts against Jews around the world, already sharply higher over the Gaza “Genocide,” would likely explode out of control, globally, likely bringing unimaginable suffering and personal disaster to countless people.

The Israelis Allegedly Replied ‘WE WILL DO WHAT WE WILL DO.”


The IDF is preparing for “harsh” operations.

Hezbollah has made clear “In case war is imposed on Lebanon, the resistance will fight without restraints, without rules, without limits.


An Israeli Soldier has let slip “We will be on alert to contain missiles from the morning hours in the north.”

(Hal Turner Analysis: I am told this came from a cell-call intercept. I am told the guy was talking to his wife or his girlfriend, so he had no idea he was revealing anything to the world. I analyze this information as follows: Either, Israel has information that Hezbollah is going to commence missile attacks beginning in the morning OR . . . Israel is going to commence attacking Lebanon, and knows that missiles will be coming as a result of that attack “in the morning.”


Citizens of Israel are FLEEING the country in panic. Thousands are in Ben Gurion Airport seeking the next flight out to . . . . ANYWHERE. Image Below:

Worse, Tens-of-Thousands are no FLEEING Lebanon. Beirut Airport is reportedly in chaos with people desperate to flee the country.


Massive GPS Jamming has just begun throughout ALL of Lebanon. This is extremely unusual because neither Lebanon nor Hezbollah have previously been known to possess GPS Jamming gear.

Hezbollah knows that both US and Israeli weaponry rely heavily on GPS for pinpoint accuracy. Jamming GPS will have a significant adverse effect on US and Israeli weapons.


Iraqi resistance vows to assist Hezbollah if Israel attacks Lebanon.

Lebanon’s Arabic-language al-Akhbar daily newspaper, citing unnamed sources at the Islamic Resistance in Iraq – an umbrella group of anti-terror fighters, reported that Kata’ib Hezbollah, Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba groups have announced their readiness to fight alongside Hezbollah to confront any possible Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

The sources added that the Iraqi resistance groups are awaiting Hezbollah’s approval.

— Bulgaria urges citizens to leave Lebanon ‘immediately’

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry on Saturday urged its citizens to suspend all trips to Lebanon and to leave the country “immediately” in light of developments in the Middle East.


FROM INSIDE THE ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCE: “Defense officials estimate:

Hezbollah may launch major attack on Israel to preempt large IDF assault; Nasrallah greatly concerned about surprise assault by Israel on strategic Hezbollah assets.


Hal Turner World June 22, 2024 06:55 PM, This content is for Subscribers Only —


I do not yet have the exact date, which, as you might expect, is a closely guarded secret.

At this hour, Israel is moving large numbers of Infantry and Armored vehicles to the border of Lebanon, as shown in this photo, taken TODAY:


Hezbollah has made clear “In case war is imposed on Lebanon, the resistance will fight Without Restraints, Without Rules, Without Limits.”


An Israeli Soldier has let slip “We will be on alert to contain missiles from the morning hours in the north.”

So, either, Israel has information that Hezbollah is going to commence missile attacks beginning in the morning OR . . . Israel is going to commence attacking Lebanon, and knows that missiles will be coming as a result of that attack “in the morning.”


Citizens of Israel are FLEEING the country in panic. Thousands are in Ben Gurion Airport seeking the next flight out to ANYWHERE. Image Below: Worse, Tens-

of-Thousands are now FLEEING Lebanon. Beirut Airport looks like this:

COVERT INTEL: Hezbollah Preparing ** MASSIVE ** Missile Barrage Upon Israel — “Unprecedented!”

Hal Turner World June 22, 2024, for Subscribers only —

Saturday Morning Intel Communications Circuits Are Blaring Urgent Warnings That Hezbollah In Lebanon Is Actively Preparing What Is Described As An “Utterly Massive” Missile Barrage Upon **All ** Of Israel . . With Analysts Saying The Planning Is For An “Absolutely Unprecedented” Attack.

Intelligence Assets In The Region, And Communications Intercepts Indicate Hezbollah has Far More Resources Than Previously Known And Of Types That Can Get Through Or Overwhelm Israel’s “Iron Dome.”

From Haifa In The North, To Eilat In The South, Hezbollah Is Reported To Be Selecting A “Very Large Number” Of Targets.

Reports Claim The Missiles Hezbollah Intends To Use Are Precision Munitions; Not Merely Exaggerated Fireworks Like Katusha Rockets.

Of Particular Concern Is That Electric Power Grid Components Are Reported To Be High Priority Target; And If These Attacks Are Widespread As Feared, All Of Israel May Find Itself Without Electricity Very Early In Any Such Attack.

Moreover, Hezbollah Seems To Know That Hitting Electrical Sub-Stations Causes Only Temporary Power Outages, And As Such, They Seem To Be Targeting Power Station Main Transformers, Some Of Which Take More Than A Year To Merely Manufacture!

I Several Of These Main Transformers Were To Be Hit, All Of Israel Could Find Itself Without Electricity For Literally YEARS.

In Addition To Power Grid Targets, Hezbollah Is Also Reportedly Targeting Fresh Water Pumping Stations. One Communication Intercept Reportedly Included The Remark “Let The Jews Know What It Feels Like In Gaza After They Cut Off Water To People There.”

Of Course, Talk Is Cheap. Aiming At Particular Targets Is One Thing; But Actually Hitting Those Targets Is Something Else.

The Worry Among Intelligence Officials Is That Hezbollah Is Clearly “Playing For Keeps.” One Intelligence Asset Told Me “What Is In The Works Is Not Some Mere Inconvenience, Or To Even Sew Fear Within The Israeli Population. THIS Planning Is For The Eradication Of The State Itself; Seemingly To Make It Impossible For Israel To Continue Existing.”

More if and when I get it. . . .

‌Words from the Prophets

‌Recently the prophetic warnings I have found and included in my newsletters have been warnings of coming Judgment to America and the nations. In my recent Bible readings, I happened on a verse that explains why God has to allow Judgement to fall on even those He loves.

‌Psalms 78:34,35. “When He slew them, then they sought Him, And they returned and sought earnestly for God.” “Then they remembered that God was their rock, And the Most High God their Redeemer.”

‌HERE IS WHAT I HEARD: ‘The Gates of

Hell have Opened Wider’

‌JULY 3, 2024 1: 28 PM








MESSAGE: (6/20/24)

“The gates of hell have opened wider, and the forces of evil are now flooding the earth. They masquerade in many different forms, and many have overpowered human bodies. People have opened the door, and allowed for this to

happen….but many have done so unknowingly. Just coming into agreement with evil….just at one point is enough to give the demonic principalities legal rights to come in, and take residence.

I have removed MY hand off of many, and they are no longer protected in the spiritual realm. MY presence is only given when I am wanted, and revered. For evil, and good cannot occupy the same space…for they do not mix…. similar to oil

and water. They are opposite components….so it is with ‘light,’ and ‘darkness.’

(VISION: I saw a body of water, and then saw an oil film on top….and the

LORD showed me how they do not mix)

In order for the light to prevail….the darkness must be snuffed out, ( pushed back), and destroyed by the every shining light.

It is in this hour, I ask those who are MINE….who follow ME….to allow their LIGHT to come forth through them. This is done by submitting your all to ME, and becoming

a CONDUIT of MY truth, and grace. Allow ME, to work through you, with the aid of MY HOLY SPIRIT. In the Secret Place, seek this, and I will send you LIVING WATERS that will flow through you.

It is during this time of great chaos, and confusion, that there will also be SIGNS, WONDERS, and MIRACLES…..for I have not abandoned MY people, but I am there for them….ready to show forth MY POWER!

These last days are a TESTING OF HUMANITY, and there is a CONSTANT WAR in the spirit real that is now manifesting in the physical. The war in heaven has poured over unto the earth, as the EVIL ONES have come down to do their father’s bidding. This is why there has been such an increase in such evil that the world has never seen before. The clash between GOOD and EVIL is now so pronounced, and out in the open. What was once hidden, has now become mainstream. The darkness is trying to take complete CONTROL…. for it wants to play GOD….and be GOD artificially.

Though the EVIL ONES are allowed to plague the earth for a time, it is known that their time is short….so they will try to do as much harm as possible.

However, for those who know MY NAME, and the POWER of MY NAME, they will be able to push this darkness back. I have given spiritual weapons for such a time as this. Whether you know it or not…you are in a battle….as the ‘enemy of your soul’ is devising ways to pull you down….trip you up….and tries to pull you astray from ME. He will try many deceptions to deceive….but for those with spiritual discernment, and eyes to see… this will not happen.

PRAY for this discernment in all things… wisdom so that you can avoid all the

devil’s snares.

Call upon ME for help, and I will stretch out MY hand, and pull you up, and out of the waves that are crashing around you.

(VISION: I see JESUS standing on a large, flat, solid rock at the edge of the ocean. HE is leaning down, with HIS hand outstretched to those who are drowning in the ocean. One by one, HE pulls them up onto the ROCK, beside HIM!)

During these times, set your minds solely on ME, and not what the enemy is doing. For those who do so, we will find PERFECT PEACE.


I am your helper…, Your deliverer…., Your fortress…., Your strong tower!

I will rescue you when there is no one else…. for I am the TRUE LOVER OF YOUR SOUL! I love you with an everlasting love that will continue throughout all eternity!” END OF MESSAGE

“The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised;So shall I be saved from my enemies. Psalms 18:2-3

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower;The righteous run to it and are safe.

“ Proverbs 18:10

‌Do you know me? Do you love me?

‌JUNE 20, 2024 8: 32 AM


My Son, write these words I speak to you, for even I, the Great I AM, has hearkened unto the supplications of your soul,

for I AM not afar off nor am I deaf, such that I am unable to hear your cries. For I AM the Great Shepherd and I feed my flock.

Come now, I will lead you beside still waters, and give you rest upon green pastures. (Psalm 23)

Behold, even before my Spirit hovered above the waters, yes, even before the foundations of the Earth were established,

my enemy has sown seeds of evil and corruption so as to cause my creation to rebel against me and forsake my ways. Understand, AM I not Yahweh?

All knowing? In whom there is no beginning nor end?

For I foreknew Lucifer would rebel against me. Yet, I withheld nothing good from him, he was perfect and his glory was second only to mine. Yet this was not enough for him, in his foolish pride and haughtiness

he sought to dethrone me and rule over MY creation, but not so, no, not so. (Ezekiel 28:15-17)

O Lucifer, Star of the Morning, you who reflected my beauty, character and glory among all creation. How great was your fall Satan, your time is short, and now you wage war against my people.

How I have mourned for you and all who have decided to partake of your

fruitless rebellion and seek refuge in your kingdom, for they can not stand the light, my light.

You who hate me and those who are made in my image, you who accuse me of being unjust and unrighteous among my people, yes, even you who accuse my righteous saints before me within my courts,

as you did with my servant Job. (Job 1:6-12) (Revelation 12:12)

Come and see what the Lord has done, for in my great mercy I have postponed judgement for the sake of my people, for all though all have fallen short of my glory, even from the beginning, I incarnated amongst you and died amongst you in order that your sins both past, present and future would be Eternally forgiven and that all may come to receive the gift and joy of eternal life through me, the Lord Jesus Christ. Watch and see, for now I will act and my hand will be against the wicked nations of this World and those who serve Satan’s will. (Isaiah 48:9) (Romans 5:8)

Therefore, rejoice my beloved, for I the Lord Yeshua Hamaschiach has set the captives free and I bring good news to proclaim to the poor in spirit. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy, for I AM all loving and all good, and I withhold nothing good from my Son, and so, I will also not withhold anything good from those who love my Son and abide in him. Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear understand, I have dislayed my character amongst all of creation, my glory shines brighter than the Sun, the depths of my mind is more expansive than the Universe, my love and affection towards you burns infinitely more passionately than that of your pets, spouses or family members.

(Psalm 103:8-12) (1 John 4:16) (John 3:16)

My children, I do not force anyone to love me or choose my ways, I do not violate the free will of man. Many do not understand that I am a person and not a system, my people perish for lack of knowledge. O’ Babylon! the Great Harlot, you walless nation drunk in your sins, woe to you I say, you staggering drunkard. Behold, I have relented and stayed my hand, but no more, time is no more, you shall fall in one hour, yes this very hour my prophets have prophesied about so long ago. I have prepared my destroyer nation for a time such as this, that ancient bear of old. Arise out of hibernation, your prey is before you, yes, that featherless eagle who will fly no more, come and feast, for my wrath is waxed hot and I have turned my

hand against an adulterous nation.

(Leviticus 19:5) (Jeremiah 49:16) (Jeremiah 50:9) (Jeremiah 51:54-55)

So what shall we say then? Who will be spared of my judgement? For you have heard many ask, how do I know that I am saved? By what measure is salvation garaunteed? Now listen to what the Lord says, Do you know me? Do you love me? Do you desire me? Would you forsake your life for my sake? Come and taste of my goodness, mercy and joy for salvation is free to all who will receive it, come quickly. (John 14:21) (Psalm 13:5)

My children, do not fear, for I have you in the palm of my hand, lest you walk away from me. Turn your hearts to me, let me in, tell me your deepest secrets. I will not judge nor condemn you, am I a man that I should lie?

Know that judgement will occur at the last day for all who have rejected my Son and thus have rejected me, therefore do not despair when you fall into sin. Repent I say, turn to me and understand that I love you and I will not forsake you, run to me, ask in my name and I will wash you clean again in my blood, even seventy times seven, for I turn away no one who truly desires my mercy. (1 John 4:18) (Zechariah 13:9) (2 Peter 3:7-9) (Matthew


I love you, I truly love you all and I long to see my precious children face to face. Arise, pick up your your cross and follow me and I will go ahead of you, behind you and beside you. I have encamped around you and nothing shall harm your soul. The time is now, taste the goodness of the Lord as I anoint my children for a season such as this. They will be my true image bearers, stars shining brightly amongst men, come my beloved, come deeper into intimacy with me and drink of the cup of my glory. (Psalm 18:1-3)

That is all for now, shalom.


‌What I was shown about the CHURCH: A GREAT PERVERSION & PURGING!

‌JUNE 11 , 2024 2 : 52 PM


I received a DREAM & MESSAGE, on 6/8/24, about a GREAT PURGING that is coming to the church. This PURGING is partly because of the PERVERSION that has quietly snuck in.


I had a dream of one of the sins in the CHURCH LEADERSHIP. In the dream, I was shown a woman who was new to the ministry…..and today she was giving one of her first messages to a church.

I then saw, while she was preaching, a more experienced male, well- known LEADER of the CHURCH, walked right up to the pulpit.. He then interrupted her sermon by kissing her heavily on the lips.

When I woke up, I heard:


Then I received this MESSAGE from the LORD JESUS:


“All is not well with the church. It must be overhauled from the INSIDE OUT. It must be turned up side down! I will do this by MY HAND, and I will bring correction…….a purification to MY people. They have become FAT & LAZY IN THE SPIRIT……taking advantage of their privileges, and blessings that I have given them. They have opened many doors to sin by mingling with the

world…..which is IDOLATRY!

I hate IDOLATRY, and will not let it go unpunished. I will purge this adultery out of them through the FIRES OF TESTING & AFFLICTION. Some will fall away, because their roots are too shallow. Others will go deeper with ME, and will know what true fellowship with the SPIRIT really means!

Judgement starts with MY Church, before it comes upon the whole world. That is because those who REMAIN in ME, will then be ready to reap the harvest that comes!

I looked down and scanned the world, looking for TRUTH, JUSTICE &

RIGHTEOUSNESS, and I found none among the nations. This will change when I come, for I will restore all things good, pure, and HOLY!

strong>GLORIOUS day for many….but a ‘HORROR-STRUCK‘ day for those who find out “that I mean what I say…..and say what I mean!”


O MY CHIDREN, it grieves ME, but this day of ‘GREAT PURGING‘ comes for many. It will separate……

  • the faithful from the unfaithful….

  • the good from evil….

  • the just from the wicked….

  • the lukewarm from those who are on fire for ME!!

“Wail, shepherds, and cry! Roll about in the ashes, You leaders of the flock!

For the days of your slaughter and your dispersions are fulfilled; You shall fall like a precious vessel.

  1. And the shepherds will have no [a]way to flee, Nor the leaders of the flock to escape.

  2. A voice of the cry of the shepherds,

    And a wailing of the leaders to the flock will be heard. For the Lord has plundered their pasture,

  3. And the peaceful dwellings are cut down Because of the fierce anger of the Lord.

  4. He has left His lair like the lion; For their land is desolate

    Because of the fierceness of the Oppressor,

    And because of His fierce anger.” Jeremiah 25:34-38

    This day is right around the corner, and most are not ready for it! But for those who are already walking in MY RIGHTEOUSNESS & HOLINESS, they will find safety, and peace on MY HOLY MOUNTAIN. I will hide them in MY

    tabernacke……MY PAVILION….where they will be with ME. They will be MY spectators, and witnesses to what is about to commence soon.

    “For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock. Psalms 27:5 LET THE GAMES BEGIN

    LET THE GAMES BEGIN…..this will be a SIGN to the beginning of this purge (Olympic Games?) I will allow this because MY nostrils are filled with the putrid stench of sin, rebellion, and pure wickedness…..for never before, in the history of

    the world, has there been so much evil, and polluted corruption. I PURGED the world once with water…..and I will PURGE it again with FIRE!

    I will allow this FIRE to consume all that is not from ME……like the ARMY OF LOCUST that will spread, destroy, and devastate. This is MY purifiying agent that is so needed now… CLEANSE what remains.


    Do not be surprised that this is coming, but be prepared with ME. Do I not warn MY people before I bring such a thing to pass?

    I have reserved for MYSELF a remant that is sounding the ALARM, and BLOWING THE TURMPET in ZION. Heed their warnings, instead of listening to those who fill your ears with false hope, and prophecies that are not from ME…..but from their VAIN IMAGINATIONS in order to please others.

    MY true watchman/women want to only please ME…..and not what the world wants to hear. Listen to them, as they will be SOUNDING THE ALARM,….for I have placed them in your midst around the globe.

    They are not flashy, or money grubbers, but walk in REPENTANCE, humbling themselves before ME. They wear a ROBE OF SACKCLOTH, and are not adorned in wealthy attire or jewels.


    There is a differece between people who KNOW ME, and people who KNOW OF ME.

    If you look at the church, you will find shenanigans, and not TRUE WORSHIP….

    There is a form of entertainment, instead of sincere praise from the heart.

    I call on MY people to worship in SPIRIT & in TRUTH! Use the Book of Psalms!

    I am a jealous GOD, wanting to be FIRST in your life…..NOT friends or family! Sometimes I take them away so that you can learn to depend on ME alone….this is a very hard lesson for some, because they see others as more important.

    However, they will not learn the DEEP ways of GOD, that lead you to the SECRET PLACE in our time together.

    It is not….”I will help those that help themselves”….NO! I help those that are HELPLESS BEFORE ME, on bended knee….submitted, and contrite before MY THRONE! Those who are like LITTLE CHILDREN, will be able to hear from ME, for I will lead, and guide them. I will take care of them….

    As a FATHER takes care of HIS childen….

    As a hen takes care of her chicks….

    As an eagle that teachs her own to fly… I will do for you!

    I am not a FAR OFF GOD, that looks on from a great distance…..but am near to you with MY presence.

    Learn to tap into that PRESENCE. Seek it, for it is there where MY PEACE can be


    You shall hide them in the secret place of Your presence From the plots of man; You shall keep them secretly in a pavilion From the strife of tongues.” Psalms 31:20


    In my previous BLOG, I was shown about the FLOODGATES that have been opened, which pointed to PERSECUTION coming to the believers in CHRIST JESUS. In this message, I was warned about a GREAT PURGING that is also coming upon the Church……and again, it will come mainly by PERSECUTION.

    I believe that in both messages, the LORD is wanting to prepare and warn HIS BRIDE that as the persecutions come like a FLOOD, it will PURGE OUT the LUKEWARMNESS and SIN from the Church.

‌Such a Debt, who can Pay?

‌I am continuing to run this story, as this is a great witnessing story to use to lead someone to Jesus Christ. I believe this could be the study you will want to share with your unsaved friends and this story and the scriptures can let them know how much God loves them and wants to forgive them.

‌While attending Bible College years ago I enjoyed reading stories I could use to share the Gospel and I would put them into a note book for later use. I found this story about Czar Nicolas the leader of Russia. It was such a good story of forgiveness that I have never forgot it.

‌So I asked my barber if he had ever heard of Czar Nicolas? He said no so I proceeded to share this story.

‌Czar Nicolas the king of Russia would from time to time travel to outposts in Russia disguised as someone else so he could see for himself what was going on in his country.

‌As he was making his tour late one night in this one particular outpost he was walking down the halls of this town hall kind of building and he noticed that the lights were still on in the office of the town treasurer.

‌Let me go back and explain what was going on in this office. The treasurer for this out post was misusing funds, He was losing money gambling and thinking his luck

would turn back he kept digging a bigger hole that would eventually bury him. Then one day it was the day of reckoning. He received a notice that in a couple of days the bank examiners were coming to check the books an do an audit.

‌He knew he was in big trouble so on this same night that the Czar would be walking the halls of his office, he was up late counting money and figuring out how much trouble he was in. When he finished adding up the debt that he owed, he knew he was in to deep and there was no way out. His solution was he would take his life. He had his pistol on the table and when he finished adding up the debt he owed he wrote these words at the bottom of the balance sheet. “Such a debt, who can pay?”

‌He was overwhelmed with fatigue so he laid his head down on the desk and fell fast to sleep. While he was sleeping, this is when the Czar of Russia spotted the light on so late in the office of the Treasurer. The Czar saw the door was unlocked and he walked in. He sees the man sleeping, he sees the gun lying by his hand and he looks at the record book and realized this man had been stealing from his kingdom, a crime that would mean the death penalty and disgrace. Then at the bottom of the balance sheet the Czar spotted these words. “Such a debt, who can pay?” This is when the Czar picked up a pen and under the words, “Such a debt, who can pay?” the Czar signed his name and walked out the door.

‌Just before morning the treasurer woke up and realizing how long he had been asleep, he reached for his pistol to take his life and just before ending his life he looked down at the bottom of the balance sheet and saw the signature of Czar Nicolas. Finding this hard to believe he looked into his files for a document with the Czar’s signature and sure enough the Czar had been there that night and paid his debt. The next day men from the Treasury of Russia arrived with bags containing the missing money and his debt was paid in full.

The Bible says that we will all stand before God and be judged from what has been written about us in the record books of our lives. We all have been assigned guardian angels to watch over us and record every word, thought, good deeds and bad.

Just like that man in charge of the cash of his town in the story above, God has access of the record books of your life. We owe a debt that is “Such a debt, who can pay?” If you will call out to Jesus the one who died to pay for your debts. If you will ask Jesus to forgive your sins, Jesus will take his eraser and wipe out the sins that have been recorded in the record book of your life. Then at the bottom of the blank pages of your record book, Jesus will sign His name with these words. “Paid in full by Jesus Christ.”

Below I have written out important scriptures for leading someone to Jesus and I have included the sinners prayer as a guideline for leading someone to Jesus.

Share God’s Plan of Salvation

    1. Admit you are a sinner and repent.

      (Romans 3:10 NIV), “As it is written: There is no one righteous, not even one.”

      (Romans 3:23 NIV), “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

      (Luke 5:32 NIV), “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance

    2. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

      (John 3:16 NIV), “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    3. Confess or declare that Jesus is the Lord of your life.

(Romans 10:9 NIV), “That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved.

The Sinner’s Prayer

If you would like God to forgive all your sins and make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, then stop here and say this prayer to God. (Prayer is simply talking to God.)

Dear Heavenly Father, I know I am a sinner. I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for me. Please forgive me of all my sins. Jesus, please come into my heart and wash my sins away. Please be the Lord of my life and help me to live for you every day. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

The Bible says when a sinner repents and makes Jesus his Lord, the angels in heaven rejoice. A word of warning is advised at this point. As we read in the story of the ten virgins, not all who call themselves Christians will make it to heaven. Knowing about Jesus and the plan of salvation is no guarantee of making it to heaven. When we arrive in heaven, the greatest surprise will be seeing people we did not think would make it. And just as surprising will be the absence of those we thought would be there. The Bible says Jesus knocks on the door of

our hearts and wants to come in and live with us. The important thing to realize is God wants our hearts, not just our minds. Head knowledge about salvation does not save us, but sincerely allowing God to forgive and wash our sins away will allow God to give you a new heart. When your heart is changed, people will notice you have been changed and made into a new person in Christ. This is called being “Born Again.”



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