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Joe’s Broke – Moriah

Joe’s Broke

May 29, 2021 6 42 PM

In a detailed dream on May 29, ’21 I received the following:

President J.B., myself and approximately 2 or 3 other people were in the business office of a large and very diverse enterprise. The new president of the company (J.B.) was in a panic having the staff look everywhere for cash, gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, etc.

There was a worker sitting at desk writing in paper accounting ledgers with pencils that had large eraser tops. When finished, he left but later P.JB spotted the pencils and became angry they were left out in the open.

Meanwhile, I was instructed to sift through boxes, safes, desks and search the floor for any valuables I could find. I couldn’t find more than a silver dime and a small gold coin, they were quickly whisked away and he yelled at me to check the floor under the desk. I found a box of old fashioned grease pencils and a third worker informed me they had been banned. I asked what was wrong with him? I then heard the Ruach say “He is panicking because he is out of money.”

At this point, I was instructed to pull out all the very old coins that looked like coins you would never sell, but keep as heirlooms, collections or national treasures.

I was then told to search the office safe where I found several boxed diamond jewelry sets, but they were empty. At about that time a delivery driver came with new writing implements, they were boxes of yellow chalk sticks.

I looked at the third worker who was doing something with inventory, perhaps filling orders, and asked him what are we going to do, there’s nothing here? He showed me to a large stack of gold bars that were wrapped in purchase orders to be shipped and he said “these can be written back in.


Wikipedia says a grease pencil is known as a Chinagraph.

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