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Jesus is Coming Back Soon! A Series of Dreams! – 2Timothy236

Jesus is Coming Back Soon! A Series of Dreams!

June 14, 2020 11:07 PM

I wanted to share with all of you out there that Jesus Christ is coming back soon!

I have been given dreams from the Lord, and I know that when we entered into 2020, we entered into a new season, as I felt a shift in the spirit. I have been taught that with prophetic dreams, some are short-term while others are longer-term. Some dreams serve as a warning that we as the body of Christ can pray against, but other dreams are what is coming and for us to get prepared like of Joseph getting prepared for the famine in Egypt.

Now I have been out of commission recently because of some dental issues and the Lord gave me a dream on June 9, 2020 asking me why I wasn’t telling people Jesus was coming back soon. I have always felt that when I do share my dreams, they tend to fall on deaf ears, however; I have no excuse for this. Over the last couple years I have had frequent dreams that Christ was coming back soon. Most notably was from 9/19/2019, and 1/7/2020 which I believe reveals a lot.

On 9/19/19 I was given a dream where I met a woman named IRAN, and she told me that Jesus was coming within the hour, and they had been waiting for this moment. After waking I was excited, but remembered that with God 1000 years are like unto a day, so within an hour is a time span within about 42 years.

On 1/7/20 I dreamed God took me in what I believe to be the rapture. In that dream I was driving a vehicle down a road. I remember not being much older than I am right now. I was also driving alone in what appeared to be a US town or small city. Suddenly while I was driving, I was pulled out of the car and was 100 ft., 200 ft., 300 ft., 400 ft. in the air going so fast upwards, and I cried out, Lord what is happening? I heard God tell me; I am taking you home!

I believe the Lord Jesus is coming back soon, but I believe we as the body of Christ we need to focus on telling our friends, family, and strangers about Jesus while there is still time to do so.


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