Jesus hurts when we hurt – Victoria Ang

Jesus hurts when we hurt

Victoria Ang

This morning I had a vision . In the vision I saw on the left side Satan laughing hysterically and on the right side I saw the Lord with tears streaming down his face! …. I could feel the intense sadness the Lord has with those tears. Seeing this vision is two fold….. The Lord does not want to see his children go through such pain and suffering ….. Satan enjoys and loves it!….. this is for us ALL!….. But the Lord also wants me to know he hurts when I hurt to( he is just sharing his love and encouragement once again )!!! SO AWESOME !!!

Please open your hearts to truly feel Gods love for you ! He knows each persons struggle and wants to shower you with his love and carry you through the storms! Even though you may not understand the reason or purpose for the struggles you may be going through .They are part of your growth and Gods perfect plan for your life!

May you be blessed and encouraged as you stay in faith !

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