It’s Your Season of Victories and Harvest – Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett

It’s Your Season of Victories and Harvest.

March 27, 2019

Word from our Heavenly Father:

My people, heed the words of your heavenly Father this day, for I bring good tidings and love to your hearts.

Now listen, As you already know, these are troublesome times which you live in and trouble will increase as time draws closer to the end. However, as I have declared in My written word, when the enemy comes in to destroy justice and righteousness, I shall raise up a standard against him. And the Redeemer, My Son, shall come to Zion, and unto those who turn from their transgressions. (Isaiah 59:1-21)

Therefore, I declare unto you that it is now the time and season to raise up a standard of justice and righteousness against the evil that pervades your countries. And so, I invite you all to be part of this standard. Although, do not take this invitation lightly, for it will take both faith and diligence on your part, but the rewards shall be great. For I declare unto you that you are in the season of great victories and harvest in your finances, personal lives, families, businesses and ministries, if you would but believe and take hold of this truth.

This is the season of My Son coming to My people to impart supernatural strength, and to prepare a perfect and sinless body of believers for the world to see. And if you would receive this supernatural strength by faith and forsake all to follow after My Son, then you shall witness a mighty hundred-fold harvest with everything you lay your hands to. But know this; the “hundred-fold” harvest will only be for those who choose to forsake all to follow My Son wherever He goes. (Matt. 19:29). I do not say that you must leave your family, jobs, and so on. However, you MUST put Me and My Son first in all things, and in your heart, no longer consider your lives to be your own. Therefore, if I were to ask you to leave your job, family, or other, for My purposes, you would be able to do so.

My people, these are awesome times you have entered. For it is time for My Son to woo out of the world all those who would choose light over darkness, and to be transformed into the His perfect image. And as part of this wooing, those in and of the world shall witness My people being abundantly blessed in every area of their lives, including health, finances, businesses and family. Many of the world shall witness my anointing and blessings upon My people and be drawn out of the darkness and into My light. Therefore, I need My people ready to receive these little ones.

So then, it is imperative that you heed these words of mine this day. For in this short season of plenty, I need you to both save and give. With this process, you are accomplishing two things. One, you are saving in the time of plenty so that you may have sufficient for yourselves and those coming out of darkness during the time of lack. And two, as you give, you are planting seeds for more harvest. Therefore, take advantage of this season. For this is a time to earn, save and give like never before. And as you do this, you shall do well in preparing yourselves for what is ahead.

But hear Me well; even though this season of harvest will bring in great finances, it is also harvest time for physical health, spiritual healing, and so much more. Therefore, I encourage you all to reach out to Me in faith and take advantage of this time you are in. Many of you shall make great strides in your spiritual growth. Many of you shall overcome areas of sin and the flesh which you have struggled against for years. Therefore, declare your victory now and take hold of it by faith. And as you do this, you shall have overwhelming joy as you witness the victories overtaking you.

Oh, how I love you all with an everlasting love. And I am so excited to share this great news with you all. But you MUST receive it by faith. For not all who hear this shall receive it, but only those who shall receive it by faith and activate it in their lives. Many, I tell you, will get caught up in the miracles and excitement of revival, yet completely miss what I desire for My people during this season. Therefore, do not allow yourselves to be sidetracked by the enemy. Take this word into your hearts and begin to declare your victory and harvest. And above all, diligently seek My Son and His deliverance from your flesh and strongholds. And do not be conformed to this world any longer, yet allow My Son to transform you into His perfect image. And if you would do this, and believe in your heart, you shall greatly be surprised and overjoyed at the power of My Son to deliver you and give you victory over ALL areas of sin and the flesh.

My people, stand up and arise, for your light has truly come. This is the season for great victories and harvest if you would but receive and activate it in your lives. Many will become wealthy during this time and My abundant mercy and blessings shall follow all those who believe. But most importantly, this is a time to take hold of your victory over sin and the flesh. For soon, I tell you, My Son shall raise up a people in the earth who are sinless and perfect with My light and glory shining through them. And they shall walk in My Son’s authority for all the world to witness My kingdom manifest in the earthly realm. And no evil whatsoever shall befall them, for they shall be overcomers of the flesh, the devil and the world, just as My Son was when He walked the earth.

Therefore, rejoice this day and declare your victories and harvest. Your days of despair are over and it is now time for healing and restoration. Come, My little ones, and rejoice in the Lord your God this day and forevermore. (Hosea 6:1-2)

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  1. We are entering into a season of trials and tribulations that will test “the remnant” to remain faithful. Indeed the LORD is with us and will never leave us. Many will have everything removed that is a hinderance . . . Businesses, finances, friends and family. The LORD is separating the sheep from the sheep, as well as the sheep from the goats. Our focus must be on the Kingdom of Heaven and things of the LORD . . . NOT that which will perish (e.g., businesses, finances and things that flesh desires). The “final HARVEST” will begin here in USA Mystery Babylon when the nukes and bombs are dropping . . . ONLY THEN will we see hardened, selfish hearts soften to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Promoting a “name it claim it”. . . “Blab it grab it” . . . Word of faith mentality related to things of this world removes the focus on repentance, forgiveness and serving the KING of kings, the LORD of lords.

    May each and every professing Christian seek the LORD for wisdom, discernment and TRUTH . . . For many prophetic voices bring mixture and confusion . . . Speak things that itching ears want to hear. LORD HELP US ALL!!!

    • Nat

      Thank you! My spirit bears witness with your words written here, BelieveActs2. When I started reading this, I had a check in my spirit ….I have been experiencing tremendous trials. Some days it seems relentless…so for this word given here, it just doesn’t ring true (in my journey any ways). And I just said to Abba ‘Father, please keep me from reading prosperity junk that only feeds the flesh, not my spirit’… HalleluYAH.

  2. mark blackburn

    Thank you for this word what a blessing! and yes we must be reaching out to a lost and dying world as never before as this age is drawing to a close, may God guide and lead us.

  3. Jesse Terrell

    Dominion theology?

  4. SFC

    This message is indeed a blessing for those of us who are and have been in the furnace affliction for years and decades. This message is referring to God’s Hidden Army remnant warriors who indeed will lead a harvest – it is NOT referring to the ‘name it claim it’ crowd. So anyone discounting tbis GREAT message meant for the Army of God should use discernment. We know who we are – and who the Lord meant it for.

  5. Paul Morgan

    Kevin – AWESOME WORD!

    I Believe ALMIGHTY GOD Will BLESS HIS PEOPLE And For Those That Can Get The “MONEY THRU THEIR HANDS” – Yes, They Can Have Some For Their Own Pleasure;

    But The Majority Is For The Building Of The KINGDOM OF GOD!




  6. Di

    Yes BelieveActs2 your comment is indeed true
    Bless you

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