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ITS TIME!!!!! – Victoria Ang


March 16, 2020
Victoria Ang

In the dream I found myself inside a house. My cell phone rang and I was made known it was announcing an arrival….. the phone said “
“DISH… NETWORK”…. so I went out the door to see what had arrived. It was a MASSIVE GAS truck ready to deliver…. the man was standing with pump in hand

Interpretation :

It means God is AT ABOUT to “ dish” “ and “ pour” ( a dish is meant to serve one) out his Holy Spirit Fire he has been storing up on those that have been faithful and those that will be helping bring in the harvest…….then I heard him say after I woke up “ ITS TIME”!!!!!
God bless!Let us stay in faith!! ❤️

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  1. one of the elect

    I can confirm your dream.

    last night 3/16 I had a dream where I was finally recieving my gift.(in real life my grandma still has to give me christmas gift I just havn’t met up with her yet). the gift was a briefcase and when i opened it on one side there was 5 big cigars, looked like cubans, and on the other side was a miniature satelite dish that said dish network on the satellite and it had a small cord hooked up to black little box probably a power outlet of some sorts.

    I remember saying to myself hmm thats weird when i saw it said dish network. I just remember having the feeling of a graduation of some kind or it was a celebration.

    Thats all i remember.

  2. Mia

    It’s so uplifting to hear all these encouraging dreams, but they never come to pass. My suffering is so indescribable unbearable. The pain , the severe persecution. When is it time? What does God mean with it’s time? Tomorrow, next month, in ten years? I almost lost all faith and hope that Jesus would ever rescue me. I’m so desperate. God is deaf to me he left me. How can I carry on? I can’t bear the persecution any more and the pain and suffering. I can cry out, fast and pray, be obedient in everything as much as I want. God never comes to help me, he sends me more persecutions. It’s so hopeless. Where can I find help and hope whan God has forsaken me?

  3. Thomas Heward

    I dream a lot and dreams are the meat and potatoes of my Christian Life. I have been a believer in the USA since age 24 and now I am 74. Have a national calling to bring revival to America but the past 3 months of 2020 have been Hell on Earth relative to my health and discouraging regarding the strength I need to accomplish this calling.

    As you interpreted your dream I got the interpretation before I read it.

    And yes very soon as I ask the Lord for what He has promised in dreams I know it will be supplied.concerning spiritual gifts the many men and women who led revivals in America will be mine to do His Work in these End of The End Times.

    Thanks for sharing your dream and interpretation I needed it to recover from Satan’s attacks against my person and calling.

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