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It’s Almost Ready…the Mark! Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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It’s Almost Ready…the Mark! Dream

December 4, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell



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I was so tired this morning after spending time with my lovely Jesus. So, Jesus my love you told me to lay back down and rest. “Woah, after praying, covering my mind, pleading the blood, binding and casting satan and his demons away, I asked you Father God if there’s anything else you want to show me, then I’m available.

I woke with my heart pounding fast in my chest. I had been found without a third shot even though I knew the other two were fake. You my Jesus had given people a knowledge on how to forge the first and second shots and they be undiscovered. Also, I had a pale blue card with info on it that was for some kind of identification. I had been hiding out I knew at my daughter’s shop in this dream with a bed for me in the back left corner. In reality there’s no room for a bed nor does she own a business.

Holy Spirit in Jesus name please bring this fully to my remembrance as John 14:26 tells me you will do when something is from God, from my lovely Jesus. “I will daughter of the Kingdom for this dream is from heaven’s court.”

I now see I am in a sprawling building with students, many, many students. High school students all dressed in black skirts for the girls and black pants with the boys and white shirts for both. If you profess to be of the opposite sex different from what you were born, then you wore either pants or pleated skirt depending on your claims.

It wasn’t clear at first if I was a teacher until the dream progressed further. There had been medical and government officials that came to my daughter’s little store that was in a small setting different than stores in reality to see if I was there. I was!

“You must submit your card a vaccination for approval. All teachers must be fully caught up in their vaccinations to be near any of the students and austere looking young man said with thick, wide, black rimmed glasses. Accompanying him were two-armed stormtrooper looking individuals. They were here for me on serious business. I’m praying in Jesus’ name under my breath for him to help me.

I began looking around and I realized I had left my purse with my credentials inside my daughter’s vehicle, and I told them this in the dream. The man could obviously see that I was unable to locate my purse. “It’s in the other vehicle but she’s gone already.” I said but I never called my daughter’s name out loud.

The man looked aggravated he presses something on the right side of his glasses, and I can tell he is hearing or seeing something inside his head. You will report to the next military vaccination site before you teach your next class period do you understand? “Yes.” I said shakily.

The dark-haired government man in his space looking business suit raises his right hand and motioned to the two stormtrooper looking guards who by the way are all solid black in color and they all three turn and walked out of the store. The door to the store is an open entrance with no physical door to open or close.

I’m shaking! I’m crying and I’m thanking you Jesus. Then I asked, “What do I do Jesus? What do I do?” “You trust me, I heard his soft whispered reply. I quickly left the store and as I exited, I placed my hand over a white panel with the light underneath it and moved my hand downward. The lights turn off and I know somehow everything is also now protected and no one can enter the open doorway. There’s another panel on the outside of the door too.

I walk out into the mall part area only a few feet when I’m met by four teenagers. Two girls and two boys. Only one do I see clearly. He is an Asian teenage boy with black hair that styled in a straight cup with one single layer all around his head. He is of medium build, wearing blue jeans and a pullover shirt with alternating patterns of Kelly green and white stripes.

He looked at me and smiled then said we know your secret. You’re not fully marked. Your third vaccination is fake. The third is distinctly different and is set above all the others. My heart is racing my mind is frantically trying to figure out how this young teenager knows this about me not taking the last vaccination, this mark that you must take.

It’s not even really for immunizations alone if at all. It’s also assorted technology, electronics and medicines inserted into one’s body that totally computerized your formation, your access to the Internet and included inside it is the immunizations’ the magic stuff that’s supposed to protect us from all the horrible, horrible diseases old and new upon our world.

I feel I am undercover somehow in this dream and that I am not in America but in Europe. I’m not sure the exact location but if you’re possibly Sweden or Switzerland. I found my voice and said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Lady if you had your third in immunization your vaccination inside you then you would be like us. Upon these words the young teenage boy begins changing shape into a hulking half boy half wolf. “Oh Jesus,” I cried out. I looked around frantically and saw one of the teenage girls had sprouted two more arms and now has another eye between her other two. I didn’t see if the other two changed because I turned to me and began running in fear.

Jesus, Jesus mutations are beginning already even for the mark has been given. What’s going on? “Run daughter run. We will talk later,” I heard my Jesus respond. As I begin running, I begin to hear what sounded like a dog’s paws hitting the ground as if running. “Jesus help me, I cried out. Then the scene changed

Next scene:

Somehow, I had managed to lose the half wolf mutated teen and I’m in what looks like a large park in the middle of the city. Everything about this place has the feel of futuristic technology. I’m holding my side breathing heavily having stopped momentarily to catch my breath.

“Am I safe Jesus?” I whispered to him softly. For the moment daughter yes, Jesus replied softly back to me. “Jesus they’re not supposed to mutate until they get all the shots or the mark, aren’t they?”

I know now I am a scientist brought to teach superior intelligent students from around our world. I had been told by my lovely Jesus about the mutations that would come later for those who take the mark of Antichrist to help him form an army of super strong mutated individuals that he thinks he can defeat my lovely Jesus with in addition to the giants, the demons and all the armies of the world in the soon coming battle of Armageddon.

Jesus the mark isn’t here yet? “Daughter, daughter it is all but finished. It’s waiting on one key element. Technology hidden in an underwater sunken city that will make possible the ability for every soul who has taken the mark to bow to the man of sin at his request, on his whim at the same time and the cause of further mutations to advance to their final irreversible complete stage in which the graphene shall we build their bodies into a super strong structure supported by their altered DNA, their genetic makeup codes.

When this technology is inserted into the final mark that’s in the underwater sunken city of Atlantis then it will be fully ready for your world’s people to receive. This city you now find yourself in is actually a controlled setting by the man of sin and leaders of your world. This is why it appears more futuristic to you and its many technological elements. It’s a testing ground for when the third vaccinations, the immunizations are received and part of then activated.

Many things hidden not yet revealed our inside are these vaccinations including the COVID-19 vaccine. Not just the Marburg disease or the one that causes people to acquire the taste for human flesh. There are also different products known and unknown that are to be inserted of mutated DNA the changes one’s genetic makeup and is now in all these vaccinations and immunizations of many different varieties from the secret labs of the Nephilim and fallen ones, the demons which have provided them to those loyal to Antichrist.

So, what’s happening here? Why am I here? I asked questioningly. “So, you can warn what they are doing.” Jesus replied with love. “Daughter this is going on now. Hidden in these mountains or in other hidden locations across your world. This one you’re in is located in Switzerland. Those in charge under order of the man of sin, of antichrist who is now secretly ruling those in the hidden society have created this large city to test the mutagens in the immunizations.”

“The people come here knowing it is a testing facility, but many were led to believe it’s to learn how better to advance your world by introducing superior technology, but in a totally controlled habitat. Those who have begun changing, mutating after the signal was activated which released it in certain individuals who had received their immunizations to enter and live in these locations have been watched closely. With the NANO technology with its millions of tiny bots inside each person, they are easily persuaded that this is a wonderful gift and they will have super powers and may even become immortal!”

“What a lie Jesus!” “Yes Daughter, it is a masterful deception! Go now Daughter. It’s beginning to get dark. They are darkening by their controls your day into night.” “Okay, where do I go Jesus?” “Go to your daughter. You have to leave the city.” “Okay,” I said then I begin walking and the scene changes again.

Next Scene:

I am at my daughter’s store once again and its dark even though it’s the next day I feel. I’m walking away from the door and run into three of my students. My first thoughts are, “Oh no!” One red haired girl exclaimed quickly, “It’s okay Miss Parnell, we’ve come to help.” My eyes are drawn to her pale skin and freckled face. I noticed her hair is worn like my dear red headed friend in reality only it’s a brighter red with orange type hues. I feel peace. “Jesus,” I asked? “Yes Daughter, go with them and hurry,” he replied. I said, “Let’s go”.

We began walking quickly to the exit of the mall type building. The other two teenagers are a blonde hair, blue eyed, fair skin lanky type boy and the other is a younger, small built, dark head, brown skin youth who put me in mind of a “runt” of a litter so small in size he was. We make it outside easily and began walking fast but trying not to draw any attention to us. If not for all the futuristic accessories, it could pass for a real city in our world for I see a drunk laying near a building with a bottle hanging out of a brown bag. Apparently, I thought they’re testing it on every possible scenario.

As we began walking further, I noticed too the buildings are not as fancy. So much for everyone being equal in their new world order I found myself thinking. Suddenly I heard my lovely Jesus say, “Daughter it’s time to run. The enemy is upon you.” “What,” I exclaimed, but then we heard shouts form behind us. I turned to look as I yelled out, “Run!” It’s the teenagers and they have spotted us. The others didn’t move. I yelled “Run” again as loud as I could. Immediately all then take off running for I know they would soon be morphing into only God knows what.

My heart is pounding, adrenaline is coursing through my body. “Jesus help us,” I cried out. “We’ve got to get this information out. The mark is ready except for the last bit of technology. Help us.” We entered into what looked like an alley way. Yes, the slums are here too. We dove into a door on the left. It opened up to an open area with by machinery on each side that are green, old and rusty. The red hair girl grabbed my hand and said “Come on, Jaschel, you keep them busy,” she cried out to the small dark haired “runt” of the group.

As we are running, I cried out and asked, “What’s he going to be able to do?” She replied, “He turns into a worm.” “A worm? How is that going to help,” I asked? But there was no time for her to answer. From the sound of the noise behind me, he has become a very big worm and he must be hindering the others progress! The girl pulls me down a narrow row of running front loading washing machines and she yells, “Hide!” “Where?” I asked as I see her body change into a watery type form I can see partially through and she enters somehow into the water inside the rotating washing machine.

“Oh Jesus, help me,” I cried out as I dropped to my hands and knees in the little narrow walk way between the rows of running washing machines. What happened to the blonde-haired teenage boy with us, I’m not sure but I heard the sound of a snarling wolf with a human voice and I know I am about to be found unless a miracle happens! Suddenly, out of another door on the back wall to right of the row of washing machines against the same wall, comes an elderly oriental man with a long white drooping mustache. He is carrying a mop whose top I can tell is dried stuff from where it had been wet from prior uses. My heart is racing in my chest my breathing is heavy and so fast.

I’m praying in Jesus’ name and pleading his blood. The old man walks forward just as I see the half wolf, half boy come into view! But he doesn’t see me! He sees the old man and he freezes. The old man steps out further unafraid and speaks boldly. “You son of satan. You get out of here. You’re on my property and you know you are not permitted to enter here.” The teenage wolf boy whose face is divided into half wolf; half boy begins snarling as he backs up now as in fear. Then he looks at the man tucks his wolf tail down and runs away.

I’m in shock at what just happened. The old man walks toward me, bends down his haunches and looks me directly in the eyes with me still on my hands and knees. Their blue! His eyes are crystal blue with fire. “My Jesus,” I cry out. “Yes Daughter, now go and warn! Tell all you can! The mark is here lacking only one element and the man of sin shall acquire it very soon. Sound the trumpet. Warn the people to repent and get their house in order. Many of my bride are still wearing dirty garments! Tell them Daughter for me! Tell them I love them, but I can’t and won’t take them with me with dirty garments on! I am a Holy King. You must be pure and Holy. Tell them Daughter. Tell them.”

Then I awoke my heart still pounding and my breathing heavy. I will warn Jesus. I will warn in your name and with your help.


Psalm 46:1
Revelation 13:16-18
Revelation 14:9-12

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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