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IT WILL HAPPEN – April Denise Stefko


June 11, 2022, 3:08 PM
April Denise Stefko

Starts at 8:54
Transcript: “Those who are not worthy will not go to heaven. But, what makes one worthy? Do you earn your way to heaven? Or is it by faith? Faith without works is dead. Intimacy, that is what I require of you. Intimacy. If you are to earn your way to heaven at all it is by way of intimacy with Me. For who without intimacy coming together with another can produce offspring, life? It is your intimacy that protects you as you hear My voice, and I tell you what not to do and what to do. Do you know Me? Do you know My character? I know yours, but do you make yourself known to Me? ‘I never knew you.’ Are those the words that you fear hearing on Judgment Day? You should. You should be concerned about your destiny, your eternal destiny. Are you so confident? And where does that confidence come from? Your own carnal understanding? Or from the wellspring of life that is produced through intimacy with Me? Do not be fooled, My children. Many, many, many are going by way of death; they are on a path of death. They are on a path to the second death. Few are on the straight and narrow. Narrow is the way, narrow is the gate. Toledo. Watch Toledo. Toledo will go down in flames. America, chaos will soon be yours. No more white-washed perfection but scum. The scum of the earth will rule, making your picturesque world dirty. No where will be safe. Are you ready, America? …Babylon? For your demise? You’ve been circling the drain for a while now. Are you ready? Are you awake? Are you aware? The water will go bitter. The sand will be infested with bugs. Pestilence. Everything will be ruined. Nothing will be untouched. Nothing will be sacred anymore. Mormons will be a part of the harvest. Be ready for them. Welcome them in when they knock on your door. Share the gospel, share My gospel with them, the truth. They are ripe for the harvest. Do you not know that I am the God who liberates? Who frees those who are in bondage? To be in bondage means to serve. The Mormons are serving a false gospel. But, I will liberate them. I will set them free through you, My people who teach them the truth. That is the responsibility that I give to you, that I charge you with. Go and make disciples of all nations. Make disciples of the Mormons. But, first make disciples of yourselves. Come close to Me as I draw you in. Intimacy, children, intimacy with Me; that is your only hope, that is the only way. There is no other refuge, no other protection, and no other provision. You must heed My words. Store-bought rice… Supplies will run low soon. Scarcity. Scarcity everywhere. Are you ready? Are you truly ready, My people? War. Prepare to go back in time, history repeats itself. Civil War. You have reenacted the Civil War in your worship of patriotism but now you will really reenact it, you will live it… against your will, whether you like it or not. It will happen. Be ready.”

~ April Denise Stefko

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