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July 6, 2022 8:31 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Third Attempt at Posting this DREAM FROM THE LORD

RECEIVED May 9 early morning hours, 2022

The Holy Spirit has placed me in a position high above the earth, where I am viewing all of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the nations that are bordered by it. I am approximately 20 degrees North of the equator. From my position, I can clearly see the East Coast of North America, to the Northeast is Ireland, UK and also the Northern countries of Europe, I can also see the entire West Coast of Europe as well as the Northwest countries of Africa. To the Southwest, I see the Caribbean, the Eastern portion of Central America and also parts of the Northern portion of South America.

I am to the left of a man dressed in a dark blue uniform, that I would associate with the United States of America’s Navy. He is wearing the hat of a commanding officer, however neither the hat nor uniform have any insignia, medals or even a name tag attached. This man has a stance that gives the impression of a high- ranking officer as he seems to be confident of his knowledge and capabilities, used to making critical and important decisions.

As I turn my attention back to the earth, I see assorted military equipment all along the East Coast of North America, primarily the United States, some on land and some in the sea. I see machines that I don’t recognize but seem very powerful as well as tanks and lots of huge trucks on land, while I see airplanes flying above the coast and ocean. To the right I see many battle ships and submarines located off the coast.

As I wonder at the numerous and various types of manned machines arrayed, I ask the man, what does it mean. I hear “It is already to go”. Meaning, the attack is about to commence.

I knew that this dream is the preceding moments to the U.S. destruction. I was given a vision by the Lord, 6 years ago, May 2016, posted on this site – The Coming Destruction of the United States of America“.

After I awoke, I received gotten confirmation from the Holy Spirit. He reminded me of the Word received last September 8, 2021, ” URGENT – Norfolk Prepare….” . Where He showed the NATO takeover of the U.S. military on July 4, 2021. I had totally forgotten the word He gave me July 3, 2021

Destruction, Destruction, Destruction Comes to Your Land” . More references of even prior warning messages are provided as links in these messages. The Father has not been delinquent in issuing warnings! If you are unprepared, it is your fault.

As I watched the neighborhood firework displaces, I was suddenly grieved in my spirit, as I kept thinking of how many U.S. citizen’s don’t realize that the Lord has repeatedly warned imminent danger coming. How grieved the Holy Spirit is

As I mentioned this message has been repeatedly erased by my stalkers and those reigning in the dark kingdom but the Lord rules! His Word will bear witness whether you choose to heed them or not is on You, North Americans.

If you are not walking with Christ, or you think you do yet you do not speak regularly (at least once a day) and experience regular insights – – then you are not walking with Him!

Repent! Luke 21:8


On June 30, 2022, our Supreme Court Justice Kagan, stated in the dissenting opinion about the SCOTUS decision to limit authority and responsibilities of the EPA. Would lead to frightening results and Fox News said, “Justice Kagan warns parts of the “East Coast could be “swallowed by the ocean” in dissent in EPA case. Now I attempted to read this opinion (89 pages total) and skimmed the last 10 and did not see this mentioned. That hasn’t stopped Bloomberg, Fox Business News, Fox News and others from ascribing it to Justice Kagan.

This is part of predictive programming (which I’ve explained repeatedly in other posts). Essentially, the elite entities are signaling to those in control that they are moving forward in the plans (only those in the know are aware of what each message signifies as far as their preparations, the calendar and other details). However, these messages are also their ‘due diligence’. They consider notifying you through these words of their plans/intentions as fair warning. If you do not act, then they consider themselves blameless of the consequences of their action! They hold to belief that regardless of why you fail to protect yourselves from them means that you deserve the consequences! They consider those not part of their group to be inferior and without merit even referring to you as “useless eaters”. Additionally, those not on the East Coast when they witness the atrocity, will see that as proof that the “rulers” are wiser and that they warned but were ignored, it is a lesson not to ignore their future mandates!

Today, a majority of the news is full of predictive programming. Those in control are brainwashing the masses to believe and trust in them (news purveyors and the leaders) alone to have solutions when tragedy strikes. These are tragedies that they have created/caused/brought about by means the average person has never learned/heard/known about. That was exactly what the ‘Rona Vax was all about. Persuading you to do as they desired.

Find true ministries that provide accurate information, they are on the internet, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and ask who to avoid!

If you can’t see the truth that these are the final days as Matthew 24,25 as the Messiah proclaimed, then I can say nothing to convince you. You will remain in deception.

I do not have a record of the scripture associated with this word as they disappeared when the prophetic dream was hacked. Here are a few references but I promise you there are many. Consider taking responsibility and do your own study.

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18, 19, Psalm 37:30

Scripture References

2 Thessalonians 2:9-14

Psalm 140:3-4


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