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It is a Test! Love your Neighbor Like Yourself! – LynL

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It is a Test! Love your Neighbor Like Yourself!

December 30, 2022 2:25 PM

It is a Test! Love your neighbor like yourself!


In prayer I called the life we are leading a scenario. The Holy Spirit immediately told me, “This is more than a scenario!”

He continued, it is a way of life, a way of testing, a way of understanding right from wrong. It is how each person becomes who he is and what he is capable of in the kingdom. It is a way of promotion in the heavenly realm. If I can count on the person with little things, I can count on the person with much more. Life in essence is a test of character, humility, self or giving, loving or hating, fearing or inner peace. All this makes up who you are and where and what you will do on your individual paths.


Nothing is what it seems. There are many ways to look and view something and then reach a conclusion. But many of these conclusions are of the flesh and not of the spirit. We all must look inward to find the true meaning of things. As each of us makes it thru the maze of life, we are given certain gifts of discernment. Some, more than others. These make a difference on our perspective. Those lead by the spirit (God) are more capable to discern what is truly happening. They can see thru the veil that clouds most others. When seeing thru the veil they can perceive much more accurately which way to go in certain situations. There are not as many stumbling blocks (life) in front of them. They smoothly perceive and execute what needs to be done. This is why it is so important to get close to the Holy Spirit/ God and make sure you listen closely. Much of this life is only a test if you can perceive and receive.
Much of who we are is reliant upon what we do and how we apply it. We become who we are as we spend time on Earth and figure out how we will approach others, what we will do to solve problems and the paths we take to solve the problems that occur. Until we choose these paths, we are an empty slate. This is similar to, what comes out of your mouth is what defines you. Together the mouth and path are crucial in understanding who we are in Christ or out of him! It can’t be both. Some figure this out early in life and others, never.
Time is a constraint that helps with operating this system. With a start and finish it helps to define time. Without a beginning and an end, it is difficult to have scenarios which complete themselves.
Holy Spirit, El Shaddai, The great I Am.


Much of everything on this Earth is predicated on “Learning scenarios”. Each scenario is well planned out and tailored for each individual person. Sometimes they are for both parties involved but are usually tailored for a test of the primary person- more so. Every decision that is made is watched, tabulated and calculated as to how well a person has developed. Are their motives and reasons for that decision based on self or other? Motives play a huge part of who a person has become. Anyone can do something for self-gain. But when another is put as the “main motive” it becomes of paramount importance in the Kingdom of God. This is what the human race should always be striving for. Do you love your neighbor like yourself?
Life is not what most think it is. Look at life as a set of vignettes put together to create a whole play. They are strung together with problems, solutions, love, hate, directions that can make the vignettes succeed or not. Each person has many hurdles to overcome while in life. Mistakes are made and sometimes there are escape vignettes that can rectify the faux pas (mistakes) that have been made. No sooner than we finish one scenario we are possibly on another one or two others concurrently. Life’s test is long and difficult but terribly comprehensive by the end of one’s life. Some are not destined for much testing and are put into the mix as shills. They are like placer blocks to hold up the scenario. These placer blocks are no less important than any other. But some scenarios must end sooner for the impact to occur in the primary subject. This test is extensive. Much of this life is geared to helping you find your creator. Some make that realization, and some make incorrect realizations that become “idol worship”. Idol worship is a serious sin that man should be aware of. It puts an inanimate and sometimes animate object or person in a power it does not truly have. Man gives this power to an object or person by praying to it. There is ONLY one creator, one God. It is I AM


Much of everything we do is for the people. Most have no idea that we have much care and concern for the people we are watching. We are praying and hoping they will do the right thing and not the carnal thing. Many fail over and over. We try to string different scenarios so they can pick up on a sequence that makes sense. But many times, to no avail. We learn human nature as individuals try to learn spirit. Ironic, isn’t it? The biggest tests of all time are coming. The most important tests of everyone’s lifetime. These tests, if failed, can mean the demise of a person’s soul. These are tests that must be carefully evaluated before performing one way or another. The wrong way could be the final way with no way to turn around. Be careful on all your choices and actions. All are being watched and monitored. Best of luck to all humanity.


So here we are in a test of character, resilience to sin and who and what we are willing to spend our time and money on. Character has many components. Some which are available to access immediately and other components that take effort and time. Most can’t be bothered if it takes a moments time to execute. They will avoid that option and write it off to someone else will do it. Unfortunately, the pool of those willing to do those tasks shrink every day. The darkness is more prevalent each day. Darkness is the easier route, almost always. Most will not focus on light in this darkened world. Too much trouble, too much effort. As things go in a spiral downward, make sure you focus on light, love, kindness, and others than on self.

The days will be extremely dark as we move into winter. Nothing like it’s been in the past. Many will die. With lowered immune systems many will get sick and not recover. Focus on me child, as you see all these things and know I am with you.


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