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It Is A Stamp – Elizabeth Schwartz


It Is A Stamp

October 12, 2021 8:12 PM
Elizabeth Schwartz

10 October 2021

I had a dream early this morning.
People queuing outside a building, waiting to enter and be assisted on the inside…
Having in their hands some type of document.
I saw an ID- photo at the top, and information printed in black beneath it.
I then realized that the doc had the shape/appearance of a (postage) stamp…
It was then turned over, for me to see the bottom side, as well.
Upon seeing the doc from the other side, I realized n said to myself,
“It Is a Stamp.”
(In the dream I was made aware that it was mandatory to have the ID-photo in order to be assisted inside the building, with whatever business the people queuing on the outside, had in that building.)
Later, upon waking up, I heard the words,
“There will be gnashing of teeth.”

And that was the dream, n what I heard, afterwards.

God help us all to be ready for Jesus’ Coming!


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