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Is God Judging America? – John Shorey

Is God Judging America?

October 21, 2020 11:42 AM
John Shorey

The answer to this question will depend on who you are listening to. If you believe as I do that Dana Coverstone has been hearing from God then the answer to this question is yes. If you believe David Wilkerson was a true prophet then the answer is not only yes but long overdue. Some question the prophetic warnings given by David Wilkerson in the 70’s and 80’s. I am reminded that the prophetic warnings of Jesus, John the Revelator and many Old Testament prophets have been unfulfilled for two thousand years or more.

About 20 years ago when 911 took down the twin towers, it was such a shock to America that it created a spiritual awakening. The churches filled up for two weeks. Around this time, I remember Pat Robinson saying on his show that one of the big storms hitting America was the hand of God’s judgment. He took a lot of heat for saying that God was judging America.

A lot has happened to the church in 20 years. Pastors have lost their backbone. Most pastors don’t preach sermons that will convict those in the pews of their sins. We have become a seeker friendly church. What is seeker friendly? Don’t offend anyone in your pews because they will leave and you will lose members and income. Shame on you spinless preachers. We have not been called to entertain the sinners in our pews, we have been called to preach the powerful Word of God that will convict sinners and fill your alters with repenting sinners.

What has happened, the source of your income does not come from the sinners in your pews. No! it comes from obedient Christians listening to the voice of God and responding to the needs of the church.

Do I believe God is bringing judgment down on the church? You bet I do. God has to wake up the church, no matter what collateral damage that may occur. If God did not severely judge America and the world, millions more would go to hell.

Back to 911, with only just over 3000 people dying in the twin towers there was a small period of spiritual awakening. Look at what is happening in America just this year.

1. The biggest plague in 100 years with over 200,000 dead and climbing.
2. The greatest number of unemployed since the great depression of 1929
3. The greatest year of destruction by forest fires in American history.
4. The greatest year of storms and extreme weather in our history
5. The greatest year of riots and civil unrest in American history.

With all this, are we seeing a national revival and repentance? Are we even seeing regional revival and repentance? A real revival is not just a great church service, No! it is churches filling up with sinners and tissue paper being passed out at the alters from sinners crying and repenting before God at the alters.

So, what am I hearing from my prophetic sources? God is about to turn up the heat. The complacent and sleeping church needs to be shaken up from their sleep and if the preachers are not going to do it, Then God is about to step up to the plate.

The list of judgments I have listed above, has not stirred the church to repent and obey God like their eternity depended on it. This list is about to get added to. Below I will list things I see coming that will either wake up those in the pews or kill them.

1. The plague will get worse, more contagious and dangerous.
2. The riots and the burning of our cities will get worse.
3. The record extreme weather events will become more extreme.
4. Mega earthquakes will shake America and finally start shaking those sleeping in the pews.
5. We will either see the sun send a huge Coronal Mass Ejection that will take down the grid or terrorists will do it.
6. The Bible says we will see a meteor event that will send tidal waves into our coasts that will cause men’s hearts to fail from fear from what is coming on the earth.
7. As David Wilkerson saw, “When we are weak our enemies will invade us”
8. It has been prophesied from tested prophets like Dumitru Duduman that a number of cities in America will be nuked.

I say, let’s not wait for God to full judge of America. Let do our repenting now and fully commit our lives to obeying God and finding out our purpose from Him and go to work being all we can be for God.


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