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June 20, 2020 11:29 PM

I had just come from a live stream prayer meeting and felt led to prophesy. The word I was given and which stood out to me strongly was “love not your lives unto death”.

That evening I was listening to a YouTube video by Paul Begley titled “Solar Eclipse” End Of Days!!/Ring Of Fire (6.18.20). His guest Mike From Around The World was speaking. I was on the verge of falling asleep when I heard the word ‘Iran‘ and for whatever reason my eyes opened and I was wide awake. As I heard ‘Iran‘ I suddenly had a brief vision of a guillotine with the blade quickly dropping down. Thankfully there was no one in my vision – but I knew the Holy Spirit was making a point then and there.

The Holy Spirit will give me a word or phrase and it is my part to search out the matter. The next day I decided to research what I could on ”Iran‘ – trying to be led by the Spirit. As for my vision of the guillotine, Jesus through His messengers and prophets has repeatedly tried to warn that many of His own even would be martyred. I don’t know how soon this will occur, but it appears that the nation Iran may resurface again soon and we may be looking at the annihilation of Christians through such evil devices as the guillotine.

As I knew little about Iran, I went to this site 444ProphecyNews where I found a post by brother Collins Ouma titled ‘IRAN USA WAR WILL ESCALATE’ (1.9.20). This is an excerpt of the message relayed to him by the Holy Spirit.

"Do not think the war already seen between Iran and USA will decrease. It will escalate and will bring in other nations and this will fuel worldwide destruction and usher in the greatest war ever seen on the face of the earth. And the animosity between muslims and Christians will so much deepen and widen and therefore the false prophet and the ANTICHRIST shall arise to offer the world a fake peace agreement and unite the whole world under a one religion movement where all religions will be lumped together as worshiping one true God."

Then I went back to Pastor Paul Begley’s video featuring Mike From Around The World. Here is the portion of his commentary on ‘Iran’ and North Korea.

"One of the two greatest threats against us (America) is a WAR THREAT. One of the two would be Iran or it could be North Korea."

Regarding North Korea and Kim Jong Un’s mysterious disappearance of late, the talk shifted to Kim Jong Un’s sister (called little sister). Mike stated…

" She is a mastermind. She is also talking in back channels a lot with Iran. Iran is not in the news and folks you can never forget about Iran. They're going to have one of the biggest armies on the face of the earth. You watch and see that. That seems impossible but you watch and see. With more than a million troops they will do their damage very soon."

Dire words for sure. Before I posted this the Holy Spirit brought something to my remembrance. A couple months ago He gave me a word which seems timely now. The word was “the drums of war are beating”.

I will end with some encouraging words. The next morning as soon as I started getting up I heard in my spirit ‘Though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death I WILL BE WITH YOU!’

Amen and Amen.

I also just came across this word from You Tuber Linda Courtney who, commenting on Psalm 23 said…”Jesus is closer to us at the point of death “.
Amen and Amen. Lord Jesus come!”


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  1. Catherine

    The Catholic church used the guillotine in the dark ages to kill millions of christians in Europe.

  2. Cryptic1

    I didn’t realize that. What a sad commentary on the church. The only reassurance I suppose is that they were all martyred into the Kingdom as many latter day Christians will be.

  3. Mike B.

    Actually the guillotine was invented in the French Revolution in 1792 so could not have been used during the dark ages by the Catholic Church. In fact, the guillotine during that time was used by the Godless revolution to kill good Catholic Christians.

  4. Cryptic1

    Thank you for sharing. The point I guess is that like our predecessors, we too will have to undergo the same type of persecution they went through.

  5. Steve Quayle has been told by his sources that there are 250,000 guillotines in the USA, many of them at FEMA locations including underground bases. We all know who they are intended for. As you said in your message “Love not your lives unto death” will be something many Christians will be facing one day.

  6. Cryptic1

    I believe many more Christians will be martyred than raptured. Many are not ready to be received into Gods Kingdom and unfortunately this may be the only way in.

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