Jan 9, 2020 9:16 AM
Collins Ouma


Greetings brethren in the name of our Lord. I received this word amidst many other which I will post here while at the mountain during my 7day fast and pray.Sorry i pray too much.Thats the mission and office the Lord called me into.So immediately after my 21st day prayer and fasting which ended on 31st Dec 2019,i was instructed to climb the mountain for another 7day fast for there is a lot of revelations and knowledge the Lord wanted to pass over so that I may relay to His Sons and Daughters all over the world.So this is one among the many messages He has so far relayed to me through His Holy Spirit while at the mountain:

Do not think the war already seen between Iran and USA will decrease. It will escalate and will bring in other nations and this will fuel worldwide destruction and usher in the greatest war ever seen on the face of the earth. And the animosity between muslims and Christians will so much deepen and widen and therefore the false prophet and the ANTICHRIST shall arise to offer the world a fake peace agreement and unite the whole world under a one religion movement where all religions will be lumped together as worshipping one true God. Do not be fooled .Stay alert My children and do not enter into any alliance with the enemy and his trickery rather expose him,his schemes and plots that many of My people may not be ensared and enslaved.

Thank you brethren,
Shalom and love
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya

(Next post is about THE TWO WITNESSES)

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  1. Angel Rosas

    Yasushua Ha Mashiach always leads the way.

  2. “It will escalate and will bring in other nations and this will fuel worldwide destruction and usher in the greatest war ever seen on the face of the earth”.

    Such war is been described in the Revelation 9:14-22.

    If that is the case that means we are talking about the third world war?

    And that would also mean that the four winds of the earth have been released or has been released?

  3. Eyes Open

    This also means that Jesus will be coming VERY SOON!!!! According to the 90 year old Norwegian woman’s prophecy from 1967

  4. Susan Elizabeth

    Yes, this is the truth.

    This lines up with the open vision I had in 2015

    The true believers will be lumped in with ISSIS and the lukewarm believers will be lumped in with the one world religion and persecute and kill the true believers in the name of “love” and the proclaimed war on all “extremism” by Obama the antichrist.

    The nuke attack on NYC will be the start of this war on extremism and the separation of the sheep from the sheep

    It will be like 9/11 in its effect to bring national unity under “God” but there will be two camps this time and the deception will be in the unity against “extremism” that will include true Christians. Then the laws will begin to be passed that will begin the true persecution in the states amidst war, famine, disease and natural disasters and then the peace deal then the 6th seal.

    Alleluia to The Lamb of God and ALL Glory to God The Father and the Lamb who sits on The Throne


  5. John

    The fact that Trump said Iran is standing down is a joke and misleading. the opposite will occur when everyone is at ease

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