America, China, Prophecy, Russia, War

Iran, China, Russia, The Election, The War – Rachel Baxter

Iran, China, Russia, The Election, The War

November 2, 2020
Rachel Baxter

Sunday, November 1st, 2020

“Trust me. I am here. I AM speaks to you for all to hear who have ears to hear THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD.

Trust these good words, not because they are easy to hear, because they are not – but because the Spirit within you agrees. Come, I whisper. Partner with me in this grave hour, this great hour of judgment that has come upon your nation, America – land of the free and home of the brave.

Bravery will be called upon for the times that are ahead. Let your faith rest in me and I will give you strength – the strength you need for the battle at hand. I have shown you the battle that rages for souls – to take them to heaven to be with me, or to send them to hell, forever separated from me.

This battle rages in the heavenly realms and also in the earthly dimensions. The war has begun. I say, the war has begun. What war you ask? THE WAR. The war to end all wars.

The war has begun. It is wagered in hidden places this day, but its very nature is to grow, grow, grow to drag all human flesh into itself. Do you not feel the hooks that reach for you to pull you into battle? The hooks of this war hide in deception, hidden under layers of deals made with winks and hand shakes between powerful men who long ago sold their own souls for a pound of flesh. Now I see it rotting and hanging out of their mouths and off their bodies, oozing and smelling of sulfur.”

(At this word, my stomach literally turned sour.)

“The war that rages silently will soon come into the light. “Attack, Attack!” they will say.

“Attack. Attack.”

“Where will we hide ourselves?” They will ask but they won’t ask me.

This is the time for my people to seek me like they’ve never sought me before. Seek me and you will find me. Knock and the door of shelter will be opened to you and your family.”

(Then I was sent to 1 John 1:7-8)

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his son, purifies us from all sin. If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:7-8

IRAN – The leopard strikes its pray. Out of a position of stillness and silence it waits patiently. Then, at just the right time, when its prey is most vulnerable, it leaps. Its mouth opens and closes upon the neck of its prey so that the neck is broken. Its claws dig deeply into the shoulders of its prey to pull it down to the ground. As its teeth sink deep into the tissue, muscles and tendons, blood springs forth. As the blood drains out, the prey is found weak and incapacitated. It is in this confusion, that the leopard takes its prize. Meat, fresh meat is its prize.

CHINA – The leopard’s partner stands ready, for once the leader is incapacitated, it can have its way with the prey’s pack.

RUSSIA – Like the vulture who circles overhead, waiting its turn to dine upon the bloody carcass, there is plenty of meat left to satisfy.

Trust me when I say that a death blow is coming, but it will not come all at once. Redemptive judgment has been prepared for a stiff-necked people, a lukewarm people who prefer their cake and to eat it too.

What can you expect from the election? Chaos and confusion has already come so that is nothing new. Disruption and disturbance is next and will grow. I see the hope in your heart that it will not be as bad as some people say. I tell you, it will be worse. It will be worse than you can comprehend. You must see it to believe it.

There are nefarious powers at work executing a long-standing plan from Satan himself. But I tell you this – My Father uses the plans of the enemy to bring about His purposes. This has always been so. Let it not surprise you to see the demonic hoards stirred into a frenzy. They are looking for the pound of flesh that has been promised to them, and they will receive it. But it will not come from the righteous, but from the wicked instead.

I will turn the plans of the enemy, that are meant to come against my people, on their head. What was meant to be up will be down and vice versa.”

(I then see in the spirit two angelic figures appear in front of me standing facing me and next to each other. I ask about them. They give me several personal messages and then speak again to my nation, the US.)

“Your nation, America, is a part of my house – The House of Israel. You are children of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. You are. I have plans for you, but first my children must be shaken awake by the tumult of the storm that is so close. They will not be able to sleep any longer. I told you – the storm will rage on your border, and within your land. No region will be immune from the shaking.

As in the time of Moses, I used what Pharoah did to my people to cause them to choose to leave Egypt. In the same way, I will use what is coming upon this nation through the plans of Satan to cause my children to want to leave. Just like in the time when I hardened Pharoah’s heart for the purposes of my 10 judgments against them, I again am prepared to release my judgments upon the wicked.

Do you think you can spill the blood of the innocent babies for decades and not pay the price?

Do you think you can blaspheme my name and my ways generation after generation by following after false gods and pagan traditions and not pay the price?

Do you think you can tear apart my families, man from wife, daughter as female, son as male – stealing identity and destiny – and not pay the price?

America, you have much to pay for. You have much blood on your hands and you will pay the price. Your borders will collapse upon themselves bringing fear and destruction – only to be propped up in a foreign arrangement.

Church, my body within America – you have much to repent of. You fell asleep when I needed you most. The vilest degeneration of your society happened on your watch when you were caught sleeping!

I say AWAKEN for the hour of recompense has come. You will feel the rod of discipline come against you – just as the prodigal son did, before he chose to return back into the arms of his father.

You will look around and see the poverty of your soul, but will you choose to return home to me? You will find yourself eating the slop of pigs, lest you die of starvation – but will you choose even then to turn back to me?

Just like the prodigal son’s father, I have never stopped loving you, even though you took your inheritance in this land of abundance and spit in my face as you gambled it all away.

To those who are far from me, just like the prodigal son, you will be left with nothing. All the wealth and worldly possessions you cling to will be stripped away. You will feel as if you’ve been stripped naked and left out in the cold.

But just like the prodigal son who thought to himself “my father has much and will surely let me return to work as a servant” I do await your return with open arms and still have the best gifts yet to give. I will spare no expense upon your return. The fat calf and the best wine are prepared for you.

Come, partake at the marriage supper of the lamb!

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