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June 26, 2019

First vision was more in the form of a single still picture that appeared in my mind. When I received this vision I was sitting in my living room in Las Cruces New Mexico (where I was living at the time) reading a book.  My eyes got tired and I closed my eyes to rest my eyes for a few minutes. That is when the vision came to me. Next thing I knew I was standing in front of my sliding glass doors facing my back porch looking directly at the Organ Mountains. Highway 70 runs through the mountains next to the peak and that is the exact view I had from my home. While I was looking at the mountains I saw a mushroom cloud appear on the eastern end of the mountains. I immediately thought to myself, that is where White Sands Missile Range is. Then (while still looking at the same picture) I saw another image appear in the same picture of Russian troops walking in formation. I then saw a larger image of a single Russian soldier but this soldier did not have a weapon in his hands nor was he wearing a helmet, but he was in uniform. It wasn’t until a few years later that I knew what the single soldier that wasn’t wearing a helmet and didn’t have a weapon meant. He represented Russian soldiers that came to the US during peace time. The other Russian soldiers appeared to be an invading force. While staring at that image I then turned and looked south towards El Paso, TX. There I saw what appeared to be another mushroom cloud appear in the direction of Fort Bliss. I could not see south from my porch, but in this vision, I could. I felt the mushroom clouds were from tactical nukes.

The second vision came to me in the form similar to HDTV. It was midday and I don’t remember exactly what I was doing at the time but next thing I know I’m having this vision that started kind of strange. I was at a small airport in Santa Teresa, NM (outside of El Paso, TX) standing in the parking lot. Next thing I know people started pulling up in very expensive cars with basic luggage. The funny thing is they were all leaving the car keys in their cars, either in the ignition or on the seat. They were clearly abandoning them. Then it came apparent to me that they were leaving in a very big hurry, probably with no intentions of coming back. I felt they were abandoning everything, homes, business, friends and possibly family. I remember thinking to myself, wow, I can make a lot of money selling these cars! Then all of a sudden I’m in a private plane or charter plane, one that can seat 12 people or more. I thought it was strange that when the plane took off the pilot did what is called a tactical take off. That is when the pilot aims the plane’s nose upward in as much as of a vertical position as possible to get as much altitude as quickly as possible. Once we were up in the air I looked down and to my horror I saw El Paso, TX being invaded by what appeared to be a military force of some kind. I saw what looked like armored vehicles driving over the bridges separating El Paso, TX from Juarez, Mexico and what appeared to be heavily armed soldiers coming across the Rio Grande in very large numbers on foot. The soldiers and the armored vehicles were shooting indiscriminately at anyone and anything. I saw the armed men or soldiers coming across the border along I-10 near UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) The UTEP campus is literally a stones through from the border. Actually, I saw them all along the Rio Grande all the way down to El Paso’s lower valley and possibly further coming across. I remember in the vision that the armored vehicles headed north on I-10 towards Las Cruces, NM and White Sands Missile Range. I did not see anything else in regards to those areas in this vision. The vision was only about the El Paso area. As the vision continued, I saw soldiers from Fort Bliss quickly running back to base as I felt that this was a surprise attack. However, Fort Bliss responded immediately and with tremendous force. Fort Bliss right away gained the upper hand and had no problem taking on the invaders. Actually, it was like shooting fish in a barrel it was so easy for Fort Bliss. I also saw El Pasoans, as well as local law enforcement, fighting back with what ever firearms they had. I felt Fort Bliss was desperately calling out for support, but none came. I didn’t even see US jets flying in the air, but I did see that this invading force did have helicopters. Fort Bliss along with the people kept fighting and it wasn’t long before it was a battle of attrition. The outcome, I’m afraid, wasn’t good. I saw Fort Bliss fall as they did not have enough supplies to fight such an invasion. Fort Bliss kept calling out in desperation for reinforcements and supplies, but they never came. I did not see what happened afterwords to Fort Bliss, El Paso and the whole area, it just ended there. I asked the LORD who were these people that were invading. HE did not mention a country specifically, HE just called them invaders. I felt these were people or troops from central and maybe south America and possibly from Mexico too. I remember thinking how gutsy such an attack on the US would be. I then immediately felt that the troops or invaders were being used as shock troops and were being backed by a much larger and well equipped force, possibly Chinese or Russian. I do not know if this represents an actual military assault or is symbolic of something else but I did feel that this was primarily an attack on Fort Bliss as I felt the main target was Fort Bliss and not El Paso per say. I felt that possibly this was the only place that was being invaded and that Washington new about it and did nothing. I did feel that this invasion was not an invasion of the entire US as a whole but just the west Texas and southern New Mexico area. Somehow I feel that it was in some way politically motivated. One other thing that I want to mention, I felt that this invasion was going on early in the morning during morning rush hour, possibly on a Monday morning as it seemed to me that would be the best time for this to happen as it being the first day of the work week people are not as focused on Monday as they would be on any other day during the week.

As I was typing this I remembered another vision where I saw troops in what appeared to be southern New Mexico (possibly Russian) they appeared to be there as part of possibly a UN operation. I think this came to me a year later. I felt that these soldiers, who were on what appeared to be every block, were lustfully looking at young girls. Parents were hiding their daughters from these soldiers hoping the soldiers wouldn’t find them. Unfortunately, the soldiers would routinely find them. That is all I saw in that third vision. It did appear to be possibly a UN event of some sort.

‘And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

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