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Intimate Relationship

June 23, 2022 2:56 AM

Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 13:06

“Come, My precious daughter, sit at My feet and listen to My words.

My daughter, this world is sliding rapidly into the abyss of perdition like the slide children play on, those who still love the world and the things in it are sliding rapidly down this slide until they fall into the pit of hell.

People are walking down that wide road that leads to death, laughing and playing, completely unaware and don’t believe the never-ending blazing fire, the never-dying worm that is excitedly waiting ahead for them to arrive, waiting to devour them, waiting to torture them, waiting to see their prey suffering and wailing under their torment.

It breaks My heart to see My creation, in My image and likeness, ignoring My sacrifice, ignoring the warnings of the prophets, messengers and watchmen I have sent, but trusting in the father of lies who blinded and enslaved them, the devil who lured them step by step into the trap he set for them, and finally into the eternal fire to suffer eternal torment!

I have called them again and again, but they didn’t listen; I have warned them again and again, but they covered their ears with their hands and kept shaking their heads, saying loudly “I don’t want to hear them, I don’t want to hear them”.

My heart is broken, I gave everything so that Adam and his descendants could return to the Father again, My scourging was borne for each one of you, My blood was shed for each one of you, My heel was wounded by the serpent, but I bruised the serpent’s head, I fulfilled the mission given to Me by My Father, I made the only way to the Father with My body on the cross.

Just as the Israelites were healed from the poison of the serpent’s bite by looking to the bronze serpent made by Moses, so if you look up to Me, Jesus of Nazareth, who came in the flesh and was crucified, in faith, and accept Me as the Lord and Savior of your life, My blood will cleanse you from all your sins, My life will enter into you, the Holy Spirit of truth from the Father will dwell in you and be with you at all times.

In Christ you have become a new creation, old things are passed away, all things has become new; your life is hidden with Me, Jesus Christ, in the Most High God; you have been crucified with Me, and now it is no longer you who live, but I live in you.

In order that My life will be fully manifested through you, you must deny yourselves daily, take up your cross, and follow Me; whenever you sin, come to Me immediately, confess your sins, repent, and sin no more. I Am a faithful and righteous God; confess your sins, and I will forgive you, forgive your sins, and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

You must spend time each day reading My Word; spend time each day with Me, put aside everything, just being with Me alone, talking with Me, and quieting your heart to hear My still, small voice.

Our intimate relationship is not one in which you go through your daily ritual of coming to pray and then rushing off to go about your business. You need to be quiet, talk to Me, tell Me what’s on your mind, and listen to what I will say to you.

I Am your friend, do not friends communicate with each other? You have said what you have to say, and then you need to allow Me to say what I have to say; I Am the lover of your soul, do not lovers pour out their love to each other, exchange their thoughts, and interact emotionally with each other? You share with Me your thoughts, your experiences, your joys and sorrows, so you need to allow Me to share My thoughts, My joys and sorrows.

When you spend time every day reading My Word, spending intimate time with Me that only belongs to you and Me, you will be very sensitive to My voice, you will know immediately any voice that does not come from Me, for My sheep know My voice, and strange voices will only keep you away.

Through this daily intimacy, My life will be more manifested through you, and you will bear more fruit, you will be like the trees planted by the stream, whose leaves are always green and whose fruit is always more than fruitful. As you bear much fruit, you will glory My Father.

In this intimate relationship, no matter how the storm rages in the world, the peace that surpasses all understanding, and the joy in the Holy Spirit will fill you, and flow out through you to reach those around you. Through you, they will be attracted to My love and light in you, and will come to Me to receive the salvation, eternal life, that I desire to give them.

You are My ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven sent to every nation on earth, your mission is to deliver the Good News, the Gospel of Christ Jesus, to everyone I put on your path. You do not attract them by what you say, but by what is in you, My life, My light——living out My Words, living out My life.

Each and every one of your souls is so precious in My sight that even if it were only for one soul to come to the Father through Me, the only way, the truth and the life, I would still take that path of the cross and give My all for that soul.

My children, go and walk in the path of the cross that I once walked, and do what I once did on earth, I Am with you, and I will give you all that you need to fulfill the mission that I have given you.

I love you

Jesus Christ ”

Please take everything to the Lord in prayer

God richly Bless,


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